I think you should look into the releases.

It looks good, and you’re clearly a good mapper, but it all seems out of place. Why would there be houses right next to a railway line?

Perhaps rearrange things, look on google maps or something, and plan out your map a little better.

Also, add some foliage.

Have an artsie.

Why thank you. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen houses right next to a railway line. There’s alot of houses next to a railway line in GTA IV
I’ll add some foliage, when the map is near 100%

It’s not just the houses. Towns and cities generally seem to be set up in zones; industrial, residential, and commercial - That’s factories, houses and offices.

Follow that rule. Make it so you would want to live there, like it was a real place.

Because it’s NYC.

But aren’t there supposed to be apartments, not houses next to the Elevated subway?

They do look very strange, I was joking.

I do say will I be able to have a train on those :q:


DasMatZe’s train wouldn’t look too bad. Along with the Half-Life ones too

Looks great keep working on it!

Statue of Liberty??

Ask Jannus if you can “borrow” his model…

I like it, except PD, it doesn’t look well in-game but rest is just awesome !
I am looking forward on a progress of this map !

Clearly you have no clue what your talking about because many cities have elevated train lines. Because it a city(Large dense population) there going be near homes who use the line to get around. oh look a train in Chicago is near the homes of people who would use it, why would those fools do something like that not realistic?


You do not know what a real place is and you play too much Sim city. You are under no condition to give advise on this subject matter.

^ That’s what I’m talking about.


That’s a good idea.


Here another picture if it will help you out OP? I love your work by the way keep it up!

I play too much sim city?

Nice insult.

In the map, there are only two houses, in the picture you showed, there are several terraced houses.

What does that have to do with it? His map is a WIP.

Wow, this has potential.

Thanks :3

It would be much better if as said before the houses and hospital and such weren’t right next to a port. I live in NY and we don’t have apartment complex’s set up next to the loading dock. The train is fine though.

Too blocky, break up the architecture on that red brick building. Also, the windows look really, really small.