Hello all :downs:

my name is Ashtro, im new at this hammer thing, ive been making a map for quite a while actually.

it is a office extention i planned on making it for rp and for my exclusive server for my community, either way

there is an added roadway, leading to another town, be created by yours truly.

if any of you have any tips or anything, would be much appreciated.


P.S. Im also having a problem, when i look in one specific direction there is a major loss of fps,

also getting the message Overflowed CClientsRenderablelist Group 7






Thanks Everyone

interiors look okay for now but you gotta spruce up those exteriors man, can’t be having cubes for buildings

i completely understand. im trying to fix a few elements of the map before i get in heavy depth. i do appreciate the opinion

although the interiors for the houses looks absolutely amazing i think.

It looks more like a jailbreak map :downs:

My only suggestion would be to reduce the number of lights in those buildings, all those domes look ridiculous. Try a few domelight models and one big light in the middle of the room, otherwise it’ll make your map look cheap with all those lights.

hehe:) for sure, i really appreciate it, see the lighting is very odd in hammer but yeah, im def gonna try that. my plan was to add an additional down to office

Why does the roof of that building shoot into space?

A lot of texture placement needs work, most of it doesn’t make sense.

that is a 3 story police station :slight_smile: it just looks huge cause im closer to it

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your comment is a little vague, care to elaborate?

So blocky, I have no idea what I am looking at.

It’s always great seeing useless comments in place of actual helpful criticism.

Right now, OP, you need to try and work at not having everything look like it’s all just one big box. Texture placement needs to be worked on too, as many textures used don’t really fit the spot where they’re placed, or aren’t used in the right ways. The best advice i can offer to get better at doing that, therefor creating more “real” environments, is to do two things.

#1: Make sure everything’s set to a theme. Keep a type of style for the map and stick with it. Right now there isn’t so much a theme as there is just blocks with misplaced textures, but that’ll improve over time. Detail is everything in a map, so you need to use relevant props, decals, and textures to bring everything together into a nice, detail environment.

#2: Look for reference pictures online. Think about how you want to make something and what it’s supposed to be. It’s always helpful to be looking at things to inspire you to create something how you want it to be.

Another helpful tip would be to look into what a lot of standard dimensions for things in source are. Walls should, by default, be a certain height (depends on the environment but the standard for a plain building is 128 per floor). Things like roads also have certain dimensions of width (though i don’t think you’re terribly off from that standard looking at your screenshot, but i dunno). There’s a bunch of dev textures that help in doing some of that, like with brush based doors, walls, crates, counters, and other stuff. Take a look at some of them to work towards making everything scale properly for a player.

Mapping takes time to improve on, so you can only do better by continuing to work. What you have right now isn’t bad, but it needs improvement, and if you just keep working at it, you’ll start making things that end up being really really cool.

(also, in that last interior shot, you don’t need nearly as many lights for the place to be properly lit)

If I may make a suggestion, in your 4th pic you can make the entrance to that building a lot more realistic by simply adding a doorframe and lowering the entire building just a few inches so that the carpet is flush with the ground outside. Refer to pic below:


Aside from that and the strange number of dome lights inside, all else looks good to me! I don’t really mind blocky buildings as much as other people but you can spruce them up if you want by giving them more “chiseled” architecture; pillars, indentations, angled roofs, arches, and flying buttresses are all ideal candidates. Good luck with the rest of your map!

thank you so much man i really appreciate the friendly advice very much, yeah mainly everyone helping me heavily with these comments, maybe i could add you on steam talk a little more in depth.

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since this picture i did add some brush and trees in the placement of the grass that fits very well,
thanks so much man, its really cool to see that someone on here doesnt have to be rude. thanks so much. either way im going to make more houses at the end, i may just start over. not sure yet.


Remove that curb thingy or whatever it is. And spruce up the hallway a bit, a loooonnggg flat hallway does not look good. So add some curves and stuff to make it seem more realistic