Rp_Oriship (Stargate SG-1)

DOWNLOAD THE BETA HERE http://39051.vs.webtropia.com/downloads/doci/orishipfix.zip


StargateRP Information on a cool RP Script


Known Bugs: When going through doors you appear to be blocked, Jump
through them instead, as the collision model seems to be messed up
at the bottom, i will fix this in time. In some rooms the lighting is 
not as it should be.

This map is a re-creation of the Plains of celestus, the interior of celestus, the village of VerAger, and interior of an Ori ship.
Due to my HDD corrupting and having to buy a new one, i have had to start the map from scratch, any images i have posted further down page 1, and maybe even page 2, are not the map. All images of the map will be posted in updates, and the important ones on this first post.

Other Maplists that i will make will be added when this is beta

I have not mapped for a while (about 7 months) and this is my third overall. But i think it is coming along nicely. The following screens are not finished, textures and brushwork is likely to change, and additions will be made, and stuff taken away. C&C Is welcome, but posts like “I fucking hate your work” or “This map is shit” or “I hate Stargate” is not going to help anyone, so don’t do it

The beta of this map will be available to any members of SGS that are online at the time, to Join SGS, [Stargate Steam] PM me with your reason for joining with your steam friends name, or search for Stargate Steam in community.

What i intend on making
The Ara for VerAger

The Plains of Celestus

The interior of Celestus

Ori Warship Interior

- Update July 22nd 2008 -

Hard Drive Corruption has made me start this map again, Anything from July 15th Onwards is WIP, anything from before is Obselete.

July 16th, Added Prostration Room, Control room and Corridor 01
July 17th, Prostration Room is now Lit, Ori Control Room is near complete
July 17th, Power Generation Chamber has been added
July 17th, Removed Images from July 16th Update that have no more use
July 18th, Power Core Picture added
July 18th, Flyboi has joined the team as a Mapper
July 19th, Votekick has joined the team as a Modeller
July 19th, Added picture of Votekicks Ori Control Chair
July 19th, Beta will be on July 21st
July 20th, Chair Update
July 20th, Alpha testing Confirmed
July 22nd, Updates

beta testing over
Next test will be this coming thursday
this will just be a small update with 
working lighting, bed chambers finished
Ring room finished, Orici bedroom added
and a few more models from votekick 

SG-Mod Must have Addon for Garry’s Mod

Special thanks to Votekick for his determination on getting certain
requested models done for me. Without Votekick this map may have been
binned long ago, as the Arches were failing to compile. Votekick has made
the Ori Chair in the control room, The arches the line the walls, The Origin Light,
the Flame Alters, the Origin Symbol, the Door Button, Ori Ring Button, and the Ori Rings.
Votekick has a great ability to model, and he has gotten better over these past few days,
and always produces quality without fail. Thanks again, Top guy

Alot still needs to be done, but i’m working on it about 8 hours a day.

DOWNLOAD THE BETA HERE http://39051.vs.webtropia.com/downloads/doci/orishipfix.zip

Known Bugs: When going through doors you appear to be blocked, Jump
through them instead, as the colission model seems to be messed up
at the bottom, i will fix this in time. In some rooms the lighting is 
not as it should be.

The texture on the base of those pillars looks way off. I’d change it.

But otherwise, good start.

I like the architecture work, as soon as you finish the lighting, those hallways should look a bit better. Good luck with it.

i love it, can’t wait for it to be finished. Keep up the good work :slight_smile:

Absolutly awesome! Looking forward for the beta. :slight_smile:

Hallowed are the Ori!

I’ll Be going up four in the morning if that’s when you release it!
Maping Kinged.

Looks great! I was wondering, how big is this thing going to be, and will there be some other area besides the ship? Maybe the ability to ring down to an Ori worshiping village or something? It could be good for role play. It’s no a knock on your map or anything, because it looks brilliant, but I’ve always found ship maps to be a bit boring by themselves, like the Dedalus map. I just like maps with a variety of areas to go to, like outside.

I’d make the generator A LOT brighter… I haven’t watched much Stargate, but I’ll give this map a go, once it gets finished!

I really really love your work. :slight_smile: I have only one question. Will you map a ringtransporter in or will you add one of aVoN’s with gatespawner?

Very nice! Mapping king to you!
Just one little problem I noticed, there should have light where I did some circles.


I know, but to have lights in those areas would make it to bright, so if there is not a way to make a light shine on those areas upwards in a cone like in the series, i am going to add sprites in those areas.

Amazing work, as usual Sokar. Great job!

That is awesome Sokar, keep it up!

Thanks, i am going to update the Power Core, but it is not going to be easy to have a spherical surrounding, without it crashing either HL2:EP2 or even not compiling at all. (i would need to carve it, this would not be very easy, probably crash hammer or freeze it) so i may have to use a cylinder instead.

** I am experiancing a problem with my map, it will not compile my lights and the map ingame is fullbright, the compile log doesn’t start the vis and build light face stuff, check map for errors comes up empty, any help? **

You fixed the problem now?

Yes, my map is back on it’s hallowed feet.

hallowed are the ori.

look awesome! can’t until its finessed.

Can’t what? :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyways the map is looking great. :slight_smile: Will you be adding maybe a planet to get down to or something or is it just gonna be the ship?

Is this going to be a roleplaying map?

Put an env_sprite in the generator with a light glow material, and then up it’s HDR color scale, this should make it look really nice and bright