Hello Folks.

This is RP_OuterCity!

This is gonna be a really huge RolePlay map and is gonna have alot buildings a houses.

Theres gonna be 2 levels on this map. Nummber one is basicly the city if i can call it that and nummber two is like a rich town.

We are planning on making an train system with working ticket system.
Mr.Puta (The Creater) has only been working on this map for 2 weeks with alot breaks…

Heres what he have done so far:

Heres some ScreenShots!








I will be trying to keep you guys updated with the newest pictures and that.

All Credits goes to Mr.Puta for this map! He just to busy to make this thread so i told him that i could do this for him.

It looks horrible - blocky, fullbright etc.

BUT… keep going because I like the way it’s going. And if it’s RP-able, who cares too much if it’s blocky, right? I mean it won’t win any design awards but it looks fun! KEEP GOING! :stuck_out_tongue:

Ehh Thanks. But the Blocks is only to see where the buildings is gonna be… The houses is gonna be more detailed and not so blocky.

I don’t want to discourage you, it’s far better than I could make right now…

Rated artistic…

Also im gonna keep a close eye on this, I think this map will be going somewhere

My eyes! Please, no fullbright, its ugly!

I have to agree with you. At the moment it looks fullbright and somewhat ugly, but really, I think it might go somewhere.

Just don’t give up. There are some people in the world who love to see people fail, just don’t let that happen.

When taking any screenshots, take images of complete areas, with graphics settings right up, and the areas should be lit. Anything else and the map looks incredibly ugly.

Man it sounds like people hate this map :frowning:
and also the map have only been working on for like 1 week… Give it a chance.
And for you who likes it thanks! :slight_smile:

EDIT: Also this is hes first map!

EDIT: Heres a picture of the upcomming police station from Source SDK


I’m slightly confused.

I saw the pictures and I :psyboom:'ed

Look promising.

I actually do like it A LOT, I’m just saying… prepare to be flamed a bit by people who prefer form over function :stuck_out_tongue:

This is a new meaning of Fullbright & Repetitive Textures :U

You should work a lot more on this. Add more than 2 textures on a building, but not like a hundred. Keep it realistic. + Lightning. Add lights, it is not that hard.

My advice is to look at reference images. Also you should watch some tutorials and learn to use Hammer better before you try something as optimistic as a rp-map.

Here are two of the best tutorial sites:

holy shit! this map is amazing! so cool!
i want it

Look, I’m all for “make a map that’s fun to RP on” before “make a map that looks like Evocity” (although Evocity is fun to RP on). But when you’ve got buildings that are literally the same texture the entire way around, it’s time to make some changes.

I’m not going to sugarcoat it: Improve the textures and AT LEAST add en light_environment before I will even acknowledge that this could have potential.

And yea ive allready seen the flamers… Dont understand it, why dont they not just stop posting if they not got something usefull to say.

I’ve got something useful to say.
This map has a huge lack of detail. It is fullbright or has very shitty lighting. Fix that. I don’t care if you’ve been mapping it for a week, because that’s what I could churn out in a day. (Then again, my conscious would be screaming at me due to the fullbright.) Honestly, I have no idea on the gameplay value, and don’t necessarily care. You may all say that looks don’t count, but when I’m browsing for a new map, or want to make a machinima, a picture is what counts. So… Just fix the ugliness, and we could have a nice map on our hands.

Also, how long have you been mapping?

Actually as i posted at the start of this thread im not the mapper Mr.Puta is the mapper. Ive talked with Him (At school) and i asked if i shuldent set up a Thread on FP for him he sayed yes and i didt it…

And hes been mapping for 1 mounth now… And have worked on this map for 1 week and i think if we count the hours hes been working on it we get it to 4-6 or something.