I have recieved permission to edit ovi’s map rp_oviscity_gmc4. These maps will be included in a pack, and this is a thread to keep you up to date on the progress I have.

Now with great opportunity, I have decided to make 4 maps out of it.

M = Morning
N = Noon
S = Sunset
D = Dark

[release]General fixes/changes
•Alarm fixes (Now a red light appears)
•Fog changed to fit the lighting
•Gun shop removed (Just a normal shop)
•Added extra props for night version (You know so where the lights come out of isn’t is one version and is in the other)
•Removed respawn buttons
•Cleared out stores of props except Ikea (like food store)
•Removed Npc’s
•Removed Vehicles pre-placed spawns
•Removed nukebutton
•Removed AI_nodes (cause we wont need them)
•Made 7/11 enter-able behind the counter
•Removed Postal system.[/release]

[release]Images of Morning version.
Note: I am testing in CS:S because its faster to load the map
[release]Images of Noon version. (img_thumbs decide not to work right so I’ll give gallery view.)
[release]Credits to:
Ovi for making the original map
Firegod522, for making the new edits to the map
Snake_doctor for making the night textures[/release]

Please post your thoughts, and ideas.
I don’t want to make major changes to the map, but just to clean it up a bit.

Lookin good firegod cant wait to see them on GModRP

haha! one for each server XD or not lol

Fix the 7-eleven counter bug where your unable to open the counter. Fix the gun store bug where your unable to open the door. Add some sort of elevator that goes down into another district and that’s pretty much all I want.

If you would have read it hes already done that.

back on track
It looks nice what you have done to it. And yer gun shops just get annoying on any other gamemode then DarkRP which is shit.

they’re not bugs on the gmc versions those shops were for npcs

Please read the whole post next time.

Thank you. although its only the morning version I have posted up, there will be more soon of the midday (midnight) sunset, and dark versions


Please read the whole post next time.

Thank you. although its only the morning version I have posted up, there will be more soon of the midday (midnight) sunset, and dark versions (I’m waiting for my texture maker to make the dang night sky)

Are they planning to add a save prop location/ who owns a door because itd be cool for maps to switch

What about the postal system? Can you get it done? It was unfinished in GMC’s version

I would sure hope so, would be kind of pointless to make you have to re-own the stuff in it.


Oh thats the other thing I forgot. Yeah I took that out, sorry.

Do you have to stick the god dammed PB tag on every map you guys edit? Seriously, it doesn’t belong to you just because you changed a bit of it around.

Although some of the fixes are good, so thats a improvement.

I’m not sure if that is going to be the actual name. Its just a beta name for now.

Fair play. I saw this really nice night time skybox somewhere, you could use it if I can remember where I saw the damn thing…it looked like it might fit your dusk map.

Did you get the vmf from ovi or did you decompile it yourself?

That is alright, I have the textures now.


I decompiled, but I have proof of permission if thats what you are going to ask.

Awesome! I started a thread a while ago where I was looking for the author. I would love to remake the store signs and textures, I made a few of them used now (The bank, police, computer store etc.). Check out this thread for a few of the changes;


And you are posting an ad on here because? And I am not the author of the map. I have permission from him.

An ad? Well no it’s more of a helping hand so the store signs could get refreshed. Seeing you are going to make some new versions I thought you’d might be interested, apparantly you’re not.

Sorry, no I’m not.

And sorry If I came off rude at all.

The _gmcx versions of oviscity were made by Gmod central for Gmod central, ovi never had anything to do with them. In fact, he never condoned those versions of the map because they never asked for his permission to make edits to the map, so those versions are essentially stolen.

If you got permission from the people that made the edited maps, then the permission is void because you’re stealing ovis’ work just like they did. The last time I asked ovi about making edits to his maps, he was firmly against any edits made by anyone to his map.