RP_Pennsylvaniapocalypse (New map. NEED BETA TESTERS AND HELPERS!)

EDIT! I need some help with compiling my map, so I’ll upload the .VMF files to Garrysmod.org for anyone who has a great computer for compiling. I can compile, but the lightmaps are bad. A link will be supplied later


I didn’t mean "I don’t want you people to say anything bad about my map. I know theres bad things about it, and that its really early to post about it, but it’s just an idea. I see a lot of people saying “You threw this together in 1 day and made a post” Actually, I lied. It took me a few days to make it, and of course, it isn’t finished. I love recieving feedback, positive and negative. Things people don’t like I love to hear, because it makes me able to create a better expirience for all who will eventually play it. I just don’t believe everyone has to be assholes about it, but as I have learned, forums have their people. I am sorry for mis-leading you and complaining about it, and making any false statements. I apologize to everyone who thinks I am a bad mapper, as it is pretty true, I have only been using the SDK since August, and Authoring Tools, and I admit, I have my flaws. And about the “looking for beta testers” statement. I am looking for testers for when the beta is released, just to let you know. I also apologize for the big mishap with that. So, I guess I’ve given you enough information about my case, and hopefully it is enough for you to accept it. If not, state your opinion on how you feel. The only problem that I really feel is that people have to be really mean about it, throwing in statements like “This map sucks” or “You fail, stop making maps” Now, those weren’t actually stated, but I’m making examples. Also, I need some work on my mapping skills, I know.

I have ONE thing to ask of you:

  • Please don’t state things these because I already know they are true:
  1. You need map making skills - I know I do, and I’m always learning
  2. Please stop requesting for my account to be banned, theres no damn reason
  3. Notice that I am a person and I have feelings, respect that.
  4. Tell me things I need to improve on within the map, that’s really the point of me posting this early
  5. Don’t tell me the map isn’t presentable. - I really know that, I’m just demonstrating early-on areas of the map.

Thank you all!

I have recently started a map “RP_Pennsylvaniapocalypse”, which is an apocalypse themed map designed off of a North Eastern United States coastal city + a suburb and a mild forest.
The Location, specifically is just like the map name, Pennsylvania.
Currently, a medium amount of progress is done.

However, I need feedback on what you think should be added, if one of these gets enough Wants/Don’t Wants, it will happen. Things that don’t get enough feedback I’ll pick:

  • Old Subway Tunnels
  • Coal Mine
  • Parks
  • Radio Station
  • Power Plant
  • Factories
  • Mini-Quests (Things where you do certain things and then things happen (IE: Turn the power back on in some parts of the city)
  • Train Tunnels
  • A port



Overhang collapse Demonstration:

Non-Detailish (Layout Update) Lightmap fail in Gmod:

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I really want to see this, being a native Pennsylvanian myself.

Go play the first Left 4 Dead while you wait.

IliekBoxes is right

Left 4 Dead is entirely in PA. :slight_smile:

Woah, seriously? I never knew that. o.o

Yeah, and since you seem so fond of this map, I’ll let you be one of the first testers.

PA members represent.


I’m uploading the gameplay of the map as it is now.

It’s got some awesome stuff


Its a mix of Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Harrisburg, West Chester and Allentown with some rural areas added.

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Footage is now available here

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Second gameplay is up

This map still needs a lot of work from the looks of it.

Your use of the flashlight makes me not want to watch anything else you ever make.

Good luck with the map though.

too early to judge and it doesnt look good so far

more details less dark make an atmosphere that fits with the skybox

the map needs a lot of work

You should probably start to work on layout right now and then detail later.

I live around Philly/West Chester area, and i’ll be glad to help test for you. (PA REPRESENT)

I do not see the significance of this map, based on the video, this could be anywhere in the world honestly.

Uh huh.

That overhang breaking off is terrible. Breaks off perfectly in a straight line.

Also the lighting sucks. The edges of the map are sky. Even if it isn’t going to be, this isn’t even presentable and yet you present it.