[release][tab]Name:[/tab] rp_Planetfall

[tab]Version:[/tab] v1-7

[tab]Description:[/tab] An Airbase with various systems and flyable ships.

[tab]Requirements:[/tab] An amazing PC to host with.

[tab]Download:[/tab] http://www.filefront.com/14979727/rp_planetfall_v1-7.rar

[tab]Group Members:[/tab]39 Members

Update - 23rd November '09:

Once again, the old link was broken, and I only just put the new one up. I have re-reuploaded the majority of my maps to Filefront, and this page will be kept up to date with the latest versions and betas of all my maps:


Update - 3rd June '09:

File front deleted all of my files for some reason, so I have reuploaded everything to the fastDL link of the official Planetfall server. They can all be seen here:


Some are in rar files, and the PFRun pack contains several small betas of maps (it’s from an event). If you want to post about this map, please do so on the v2 WIP thread since I very rarely check this on anymore. This is a link to the v2 WIP:


Update - 20th January '09:

For those who didn’t read the WIP thread very often, a while ago I released a beta of the v2 I had been working on, although I now consider it to be v1-7. Here’s a basic run-down of the fixes and changes in this version:

The map should now load on all computers instead of just the very good ones, and people can join when the map is hosted.
Several small fixes such as doors opening the wrong way.
The lights have been compiled and work 100%.
The store window is no longer big enough to crawl through, only pass money.

New texture for the exterior of the ship so it no longer looks quite as ugly.
Lots more sloped edges and other adjustments to the exterior for the same reason.
Main escape pod remade to look better.
Breakable section of corridor removed.
New antennae which is breakable.
Transmitter tower remade (no maintenance tunnel to the top, a small power room instead).
Ground tower remade (looks better, roof is accessible, secret area extended).
Optimization (area portals, area portal windows and func_detailing).
All keycard-activated systems have been moved over to the changeable keypad system used in Cerberus.
Almost all of the maintenance tunnels have been removed and replaced with far more realistic ones. That means no more free tickets into the CC. Except that the CC door no longer has a lock.
A new brig! Funny as it was that almost no one knew Planetfall even HAD a brig, the new one is easy to reach, has nice controls and can strip weapons.
New living quarters. You know how before, Planetfall had about 2 really cramped rooms with loads of furniture and no beds? Well now there are 4 rooms, each one twice the size of before, and some of them have 2 or 3 beds!
Dozens of other changes.

There is a LOT of things which are different, but firstly I can’t remember all of them, and secondly I actually continued working after this so I am a little confused about what’s actually in THIS version. However, shortly after this version was made, LPine suggested just starting again so that the lua could be implemented easier, and that is what I have now started doing. The only people who will know anything about v2 are the people in the group, so don’t ask for details. There was a WIP thread, but it has now been locked at my request.

Depending on the response to this, I may or may not release a v1-8 with some stuff on the ground and things, but mostly I will be working on v2.

The Planetfall group has been running for a while. If anyone wants to join, add me on Steam Friends (PeterAyrian).

Change log:



Re-made the main shield so that it no longer has any holes in.
The rebel beacon spawner in the Tower should work now (at least sometimes).
The Blast Door in the Tower can no longer be opened using the SWEPs from RP scripts.
The evacuation can now be restarted after it has been cancelled
The coolant can now be turned off after a core dump has been cancelled.
Dumping the core will now prevent radiation correctly.
The Main Shield will no longer start active in every game.
The prison cell buttons REALLY aren’t parented to the lift any more.
The entrance to the tower will lock correctly when the tower is put into lockdown.
Turning off the shield generators REALLY will work correctly now.
The Frag-Mine spawners will work always correctly.
Increased the Stealth-Ship up-thrust power so it can actually fly now.
The large shield bubble generator will look like it’s off when it is off.
The main escape pod will no longer spark.
The inside door of the Hardware Store can now be opened from the outside by unlocking it with the RP keys.
Using a mine twice will not cause it to briefly re-appear.


Added the remaining computer voices.
The row of 10 pods near the quarters will respawn 2 seconds after you get out.
The second button from the right in the Tower will activate a Silent Lockdown. (No Alarms.)
New ‘Dedication Room’ - A room specially for my friends.

Known Bugs:

None that I can think of right now. Please report bugs to me and I will fix them soon.

Description from a very long time ago:

To tell the truth, the short description doesn’t do this map justice. The airbase has 2 drop ships docked in it, along with a cloaking ship. However, there is a lot more to this than ships. From the control room, you can activate or disable many different systems that are still operational. For instance, when under attack you can activate the main shield, or switch into battle-mode to keep intruders out. Want to stop people moving through the base? Activate a Lock-down.

Or perhaps someone else has already seized control, and you want to sabotage the generator so that they can’t do anything more.

Whatever you want to do, you can do it. This map was originally planned a LOT bigger. Unfortunately, it grew too complex for the Source engine to handle, so I scaled it down a bit and released it! Now, it’s best suited for nearly any type of RP or building.


IronPhoenix - Created the original ‘gm_planetfall_001’ (I did get permission)
ShadowSand(me) - Re-furbished most of the base and added nearly everything you see in it.
Cee - Created all of the buildings you see on the ground, as well as the small amount of landscaping.
lazermaniac - VERY kindly allowed me to use his ships from gm_orbit_v3 as a template for my own (yes I did copy the drop ships, but I also changed them)
P.S. I asked permission from Iron Phoenix under the name ‘Deathar’

Full credits are in the readme.

Cool, you have my download.

First post!


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It looks very nice. Good job.


Where’s the non-lite version of the map? I want to see how well my PC can handle it. xP

Oh my god the map sounds awesome. Please post screen shots before people start spamming about them though. But wow, it really sounds like it’s going to be great. Can’t wait to get home to try it.

There are pictures in the link.

It looks pretty badly textured, but apart from that nice job i sould be really good for rp.

Looks awesome! I think I’ll try it.

Look in the maps folder, it is there.

This looks awesome.
Shall download it now… cheers :smiley:

Ok, I downloaded it, my comps brand new so I’m trying the nonlite version first, I will come back and tell you what I think in a little bit.

Nice map you got my download :wink:

Alright, I haven’t tried the lite version yet but the nonlite gives me no lag. Love the map, but there is a couple problems:

  1. The ship bays are way too complicated to use, i know you were going for realizm but this was a little overkill.

  2. The fighter type ship(not the personal carrier) has some wing bugs, when you go into stealth the ship’s wings spin constantly and it looks kind of stupid.

  3. Pretty much everything that has a button on the ships is made too complicated, I still can’t figure out how to work the ship bays correctaly.

Besides all that, I love this map and I hope to see a version 2.
Great Job!


That looks :krad: ! Downloading! :cool:

OH MY GOD! THIS IS THE BEST SIFI RP MAP SINCE BAHAMUT! We need pictures though cause I don’t know what the hell is half of this stuff.

I’m glad to hear that non-lite gives you no lag, because it is quite a bit better, especially with more people.

  1. I’m not certain what you mean, but I think the update I’m about to make on the first post may explain things, sorry for missing that.

  2. I know what you mean. I thought that this was a random bug that only occurred sometimes. I have checked the wings many times and it should work fine, but I will try a few more things and let you know what I find.

  3. Again, I don’t know what you mean here, but it may be explained by the edit.

As for everyone else, please post any bugs, suggestions or comments.

I have the worlds shityest comp and I don’t lag unless someone is raising the shields while dumping the core and a nuke is going off on the ground while I’m looking up at the ship.


Note that when I entered the fighter’s pod my game suddenly quite and would not let me load again. The console error was something about “Host Error: SetView is not client DLL” or something.


Note that you forgot to bundle some textures with the map. The armory is just Pick SOD for me as is some walls/doors and the fighter door.



You should get a space skybox in there.

Nevertheless, you got my download.

EDIT: It’s rather blocky.

The ship needs a better texture but other then that you have the next greatest rp map ever made!


Can someone make a full guide for this epic? With pictures and all. Please?

LuaPineapple, calm down, you’re a little too overexcited.

I’m consoling a LUA god, what the heck


Yah, ok, maybe I am but I think this map deserves it, it has so much to do and really would be a great RP map.