RP_Planetfall_V2 WIP

Okay, so I’m very late making this, but it’s finally here - The WIP thread for the real Planetfall V2. For those who don’t know, this is the original:


You can get more information and pictures of it here:


The new version is being completely remade from scratch with a different layout etc. Although most things will be changed, the underlying ideas are the same. If you go to the V2 section of www.planetfallrp.com then there’s plenty of information there, so I won’t copy all of it here. However, here’s roughly how far I am at the moment:

Command Section: 30%
Civilian Section: 85%
Utility Section: 75%
Engineering Section: 87%
External Hull: 65%

Ground Base: 70%
Landscaping: 93%
3D Skybox: 5%
Abandoned Tunnels: 45%
Other Ground Stuff: 90%

Lua: 5%

Latest Pictures - Version 2 Beta 4-1. Lights, landscaping and most buildings are in place, though not all of them finished. Additional pictures on the PhotoBucket link at the bottom of this post.

Please keep this in mind for these pictures. In other words, yes I do know that a lot of it looks ugly. Oh, and these were taken from a version with no lights compiled, but rest assured there ARE lights in the map.

There are more up to date images here:


So far, there’s only two working systems on the ship. The main shield (works pretty much the same as the original) and the power system which I am quite proud of. More details on that later. Please post questions, comments and suggestions!

Latest Download Links:
SVN (Addon Format)****: http://planetfall-rp.googlecode.com/svn/trunk

I always liked this map. Keep doing what you’re doing :smiley:

your texturing always makes my eyes bleed

but the brushwork looks good

Thank god there are lights in this ship now!

Also looks great keep it up :smiley:

nom nom im a sandvich likes planetfall

Great to know…so what are the types of ships in this map and are they easy to fly?

So the ship is being completely redone from scratch? Sounds good, the old layout was… complicated to figure out, took me like an hour to learn the layout.

I got a 50 inch boner when I saw the pics.

Good to know I wasn’t the only one, whew.

Looks good. Loved the old one. good luck keep it up

Gotta improve the texturing. Love the brushwork though

Well I certainly hope that I can improve the texturing on the outside of the ship, but it’s not particularly easy with something that big.

I haven’t actually made any of the pilotable ships yet, but I will let you know/post pictures of them once they’re in. Nice to know my brushwork isn’t hated anymore though ^^

Please tell me you will be able to regenerate the big ship.

I want to break it, fix it, den break it again.

There will be NO parts of the main ship that you can break off. However, there will be internal systems etc. that you can damage/saboutage.

can we have a workshop like from cerebus i loved that

What I want to know, inside the garage inside the base, there are a couple of blocks with numbers on them, what are those for?

There may be a workshop like in Cerberus. It depends how much I can optimize it. The blocks with numbers on are like remote controls. You weld them onto your car/vehicle, and when you go near the garage the door will open. The ones there at the moment are very simple test ones. At some point I will make the garages a little nicer.


I think i can see a WW1 tank in the first picture D:

I think its his hovertank test.