RP_Ports - Because it's bare.

Map disbanded

Who made this?

To be blunt, you don’t need watermarks (if you do just stick in the corner)

Lemme give you a few pointers with lighting.

-Light environment
Never use white light. It will almost always look bad. Don’t over-saturate your light either. Find something close to white without being white.
You also seem to be fairly new to hammer so I’ll give you a run through of how it works.

Angles are the direction the sun faces. You’re only going to be messing with the middle number. These are in degrees, so if you want to rotate the light 103 degrees, you would do 0 103 0

Pitch is the angle of the light. -90 is straight down, 0 is horizontal, 90 is straight up. -70 is a good starting value.

Brightness is how bright the light is and the color. the first 3 numbers are colors RGB 0-255 and the last is brightness. A value of 600-800 is reccomended for sunlight, but you can play around. Example 253 239 208 700

Ambient is the same as brightness, but it’s ambient light emitted from the skybox. 200 brightness is a good starting point, but keep in mind color affects how bright or dark it is too.

The rest you don’t need to worry about.

I’m sure your small brain can figure this one out…
And they are watermarks (Lol they arnt even transparent)

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Thanks mate!

(User was banned for this post ("shitpost" - Orkel))

Would be good to get a screenshot of the warehouse exterior so we can give some pointers on that as well :slight_smile:

Lighting needs work - As mentioned by Stiffy.

Personally I think the idea of a floating concrete block in the middle of the water with a couple of buildings and some models isn’t going to be the best of RP maps.

I would recommend looking at concept photos of cities, maybe even floating cities if you want to keep the theme of being in the middle of the water and build it in Source. Some ideas are below:

Dude, you don’t stack cargo containers like that or they will break. They are designed to hold pressure on their corners, so they need to be stacked like this;

Fixing it ASAP :slight_smile:

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I feel as if it adds some more interest to the map, instead of being boring. Thanks anyway.

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You mean close ups of the outside of the warehouse?
EDIT: I’m also on holiday ATM, I cannot access a pc. Sorry.

How did the containers come to be stacked there? There isn’t a crane in view.

First time I saw this, I thought “segecos” was some fuckup that would happen in hammer, like where you get the big ERROR sign when an entity is missing.

That and you should make it look a bit bigger with some more buildings and a crane or two. Right now it looks like a barge with poorly-stacked containers on it.

it is

Crane could of been destroyed or if you look at the water tower, the crane could of gone rusty and they had to remove it.

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I did say no rude comments, there allways has to be a idiot.

So you’re trying to say the rusty thing near the water tower was where the crane was? Had hell of a reach, then.

Yes OP, there always is 1 idiot that manages to post something idiotic. I just wonder who…

This is a public forum, nobody cares if you say “no rude comments”.

If you don’t want rude comments don’t give them anything to make a rude comment about it. People were complaining about your obnoxious watermarks (If you want to do them, don’t make them garish colors in the middle of the image; do it in a corner.) You aren’t a stock photo site. Secondly, if you make, someone will always hate it. Just piece together criticisms from them that might be legitimate and move on. Don’t stop to fuss at everyone who says it sucks. Also, you can be proud of your work, but don’t be a douche about it. The last thing people want is a douche making a map. They will hunt you down for it.

I’ll be blunt and say it, it sucks. But that’s okay, you’ll suck when you start out, but once you keep at it you’ll get an eye for what sucks and what doesn’t. Getting lots of reference images helps a lot too. Find stuff that looks cool and fits with what you’re trying to do, and try to recreate it.

There’s some basic things you can do to make it look nicer.
-Place junk around
-Add trim and maybe indents into the walls to help break them up so it isn’t monotone.
-Use blends and displacements and height variance to break up large flat areas.
-Don’t make your buildings boxes. Boxes are boring 99% of the time. Add a corner, or move a portion of the wall out, or at the very least make one side of the building higher than the other (If you feel good you can try angled)
-Add piles of dirt or something to make the place feel… used.


There used to be a guy on a GTA forum I go to who made a mod that remade GTA Advance in GTA 3. It was all brandy and dandelions until some folks pointed out his flaws, such as the poor grammar on billboards, poor modelling, etc. to which he flipped out and got himself banned. Generally speaking, if you can’t handle criticisms, then why put your work (especially this early in it’s development. I hope to god you’re not releasing it as it is) on a public forum where it can be judged ?

I’m not saying I can’t handle criticism, I want people to not focus on the bad things of this shit map. Yeah I said its shit, so?. I posted it on here for feedback, not a focus on the watermarks.

(even tho they are huge af)

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Thank you, I agree with your post 100%. I’m working on the Map now to make it better. Thank you for your help :slight_smile:

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I care.

You said it yourself in the opening post, “pls don’t write rude comments.” and then again in the reply you just said, “I want people to not focus on the bad things of this shit map”. If you don’t want people to focus on the bad parts of the map, how are you going to know what to fix? Don’t fly off the handle when someone mentions something, consider it and fix it. Remember, you’re making this map with the intent on being released to people like this, ya goober.

People criticized on the placement of the containers. You ignored it
People criticized on the lack of the crane. You diverted from it.
We don’t care if you said its shit. if you think its shit, don’t post it. You got feedback, expect some. Plus there was nothing else to focus on besides the water marks.

I would hope so, since this is your thread. But maybe you need to review your posting guidelines. Why would you post this project? This looks like a quick build done in 30 minutes, and you admitted to its shit. So I have a really hard time understanding your stance.