rp_puerto: Would a pirate town RP map be cool? Built-in day/night cycle, huge 3D skybox


How interested would the community be in a late-1600s Caribbean colonial/pirate town?
Here are some screenshots. **Still a heavy work in progress.
** So far there are about 26 buildings, between 1 and 3 stories tall. There is a day/night cycle, 3D skybox, and soon to be firable cannons

NEW 2017-02-21:

Looking good on geometry, but you should really get new textures!

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It looks too much like goldsrc…

I agree with Altair_PT. Looks pretty good so far but could definitely benefit from some new textures.

The layout looks fun too.

Might be fun if there are an underwater cave or ship wreck somewhere. Maybe a coral reef too?

You two are right, I do agree it is too “plain” looking. I will work on improving the textures, especially on the outside of the buildings.

There is an island on the opposite side of the map with a cave that is big enough for a smaller boat to drive inside (you can see the island at the bottom of the last pic). I’m also thinking about adding a volcano in the playable area of the map.

What are your opinions on the viability of it being an RP map? Could you see people playing on it?

Well I don’t really play much Gmod, I just map. So I’m not sure how much help my suggestions are in terms of if it’s suitable for a specific game mode. :stuck_out_tongue:

But it does look like a fun map to mess around in. I think the layout is mostly good. I won’t add another large island. But maybe a really small island where you can maroon people?

How big will be the map?

I’ve been working on a illusion to make the maps look bigger, its a bit of a hack, but for example I reduded the scale of Harbor2Ocean_NavalB1 to 0.5 and then fixed the textures and reduced the player size accordingly.

Then I made the map full grid and put the ports, rig and islands back to their corners and extended the sea.
It really made the illusion of the size to work!
Now I need a way to resize props and the dupes and I am good to go to apply that to Naval.

I made the map as big as the Hammer grid will allow, and each island is in the opposite corner (like Harbor2Ocean).

I didn’t reduce the player scale. How do you do that from within Hammer? I thought you could only do that with a mod.

I used a mod of course, way easier…

Added some half-timbers to the medieval-looking buildings to help break up the plain textures

Absolutely! The town looks really great and there’s a lot of gamemodes that could use this. On top of a shipwreck/cave/coral reef I think it’d also be cool to see a small island or two fully in the ocean, rather than cut off at the edge. I think the existing islands might look better if they were also pushed from the edge a bit and rounded out, to smooth that 90-degree angle. The ocean is already massive so I don’t think it would be much of a sacrifice.
Gotta agree on the textures though, you have a cool artstyle going on but it doesn’t always fit. Especially here where it looks like an N64 game, and not in a good way :P. I would mess with the lighting to get more shadows and color and switch over to CSS textures for 90% of the village (already looks very similar to cs_italy) since they look really good by default and it would shrink your download size, so people will be more likely to add it to their server. Some blends between the path, the stones and the beach would help a lot too. I’d also look at some foliage that can cast shadows (shameless self-plug :P) and check out the Pirates of the Carribean maps on CSS and gm_bigisland for cool examples of tropical maps.


Hope to see this released!

Yeah some of the textures appear too vivid and clean. It’d make a world of difference to put some new materials down.

I also agree on the shadows, and I have a trick I’m currently working on to make them look better.

Currently, the screenshot you quoted does look strange because the palm trees appear to be casting no shadows, when in reality, the trees are casting shadows, except the lightmap resolution on the terrain is at 16, and that’s as low as I can go. The reason I can’t go any lower is that the map is so large and has so many displacements (90% full), that if I make the lightmap resolution any sharper, the VRAD compiler crashes without any error message. It took me a week to figure out that bug, let me tell you. It also doesn’t help that the palm trees are so narrow that the shadows they cast are almost unnoticeable, even with a lightmap resolution at 8.

That’s too bad, have you tried splitting up the displacements and setting some to 128/256 light maps (like the underwater ones) so that others could be reduced? I’m not sure if they’d make a difference in that, but I forgot to link my palm tree models earlier if you’d wanna give them a shot:
Alternatively, maybe ground cover like bushes and grass models would help blend the ground a bit.

Thanks for the link, I’ll try out those palm trees for sure.

I have considered splitting up the displacements, but I can’t, because I’m already close to the displacement limit. If I split them up, it would be over the limit.

Do the buildings and shadows look better now?

This is looking nice.

Might I suggest a second town on another island so that two factions can arise?

That is - if the limits aren’t being hit of course.

I am pretty close to the brush limit but I still have room to add some more buildings. If not a full fledged “town” the second island will have native huts or something

Looks cool! I like the setting and layout. The colours and lighting are a bit of a let-down, though. It doesn’t really have the warm, sunny feel that I would expect from a map like this. I would advise tweaking the sun, sky and water colour, and increasing the contrast between lit and shaded surfaces. Lowering the sun angle a bit would also help create more prominent and interesting shadows. Right now it looks like the sun is pointing almost straight down, which makes the map very uniformly lit and somewhat dull looking.

I fiddled with some screenshots as an example. I may have gone a bit overboard, but see if it helps:


Wow that looks much better. I’ll adjust the sun colors and post some screenshots

I adjusted the colors and added a volcano.