This is my first time reaching out to a new major community away from the Zombie Panic Source and No More Room in Hell community. So i’m abit worried that the people here are going to tear me apart.

So please go easy on me!

A bit about me;

My first ever steam game played was Brainbread the old HL1 mod, I played back in 2005 in my local internet cafe with my friends. I then moved onto playing Zombie Panic Source, I instantly fell in love with this mod and have played it ever since and still do. I then applied to join the ZPS playtest team and have been in the team for awhile now, I then moved on to joining the NMRiH playtest team and have been apart of that team and still am. I also met my girlfriend on ZPS, she was a fan of my mapping work I did on ZPS and we fell in love and started mapping together. I decided to take it to the next level and move from England to Sweden to be closer to her and start a life with her. I’ve been happy since, it goes to prove that working with games can lead to a life changing experience.

I later moved onto forming a new Brainbread Source team for a few months. I was the project manager and had a team of 13, we worked together flawlessly and in sync. It was 1 of my best moments in my gaming career. However I had to step down and resign due life issues… I gave up all rights and put in power 1 of my friends who I knew would dedicate himself to the team. Still to this day the Brainbread Source team are working together and I hope 1 day they will release.

Now I currently manage a recently started gaming community call Corn Apple Gaming. We have a ZPS server, a GMOD TTT server and currently WIP GMOD DarkRP server.

I have included 3 of my proud projects that show off my mapping skills.

I will update this thread with my GMOD DarkRP WIP Map that I will be developing along side my private playtest team who have followed me and my maps since 2008.

Thanks for reading, I look forward to getting to know the members here.
What are my intentions for this map ?

My intentions for this map is to provide a virtual experience in how it would be like to live and work on a spaceship.

This will be for my official RP server only, my plans for this map is to provide global changes and events occur on the ship such as, being attacked by enemy spacecraft, onboard disasters such as epedemics, lockdowns, flying debris attacks lol and fires. This map will be constantly updated and will provide players with new events each month. Let me make it a little more clearer. Maybe one time enemy spacecraft attack the ship, certain areas will become destroyed, accessible only be wearing spacesuits. Citizens must work around the damage and carry on with their lives. However services such as guards, police and other civil services will have access to the bridge, outer spaceshuttle, access to the gun turrets, jail, armory, life support, security features and whichever other features i feel citizens should not have access to.

The bridge will be the place which controls the actual map, there will be lockdown buttons, alarms, override commands, lighting toggle, life support control, announcements, debris barrier safety ect … The bridge will be a highly monitored place as I do not look forward to seeing this abused as it will ruin the whole gameplay experience. This however is a must have feature as i feel it will be very beneficial to providing a virtual experience.

So now we’ve established that the map will have events but what is left for citizens to do ?

Citizens will have access to 3 living quarters, low, medium and high. Low for poor, medium for middle class and high for the wealthy. Citizens will have access to a market area where they can setup their shops and businesses, recreational areas, living quarters and site seeing places.

Well I guess that sums it all up, please feel free to ask more questions.

See Destiny’s Images

(Once I place some screenshots inside this folder that don’t look like a piece of paper used to wipe up vomit this message stays.)

I may have just D’awwed the whole fucking office down, much admiration for you and I’m glad you’re happy.

Your previous mapping projects seem really nice, a better sketch image would be great as I can’t really make out much from your picture.

We are brutally honest here, but i was a games tester for 4 years, so there is reason for my honesty :slight_smile:

A few tips for showing your work so that people don’t moan and complain about minor things.

  • Any screenshots you show should be in game, lit and have AA on.
  • Textures are optional, but brushwork/props should be in place.
  • As you are using sci-fi, look into using the reflective dev textures to make your map look badass in screens. They are the 10-90% grey dev textures, like so


Keep going, show off badass shit!

Though it may not be the most detailed of maps, big fan of your church siege map for zps. Really did well with the whole layout gameplay wise. And the wip screens definitely look like improvement compared to a few others of your maps I’ve seen, so keep at em’.

Thanks for the feedback lol and that’s a really nice screenshot there. Beautiful brushwork and use of the dev textures. I’ve always slapped the dev textures on the brushes never really gone used the reflective textures.

¤¤¤¤Added first picture of the main view which will allow players to view the outside of the ship and space around it.¤¤¤¤
See https://www.dropbox.com/sh/2bt13ysy9ngcud9/8Q5-pOsMqv