rp_radiance_valley [WIP track+eventual release thread]

alright, aspen reporting in.
after many, many questions, and thread posts, i’ve gotten some pretty decent replies as to what people look for in an RP map. i’ve decided to make an RP map in alp-like environments, in none other than a fictional place in colorado, USA.
it’s based off vail, and i looked at some maps to make sure that I got some accuracy. like a small ski resort town. ill be using this thread to update progress + screenshots, and to get opinions and criticism. all of the rest will be divided into individual posts. thank you for viewing my thread!

May 11th

May 12th

May 13th

May 14th

May 15th

It’s not terribly thread worthy for just one picture.

Maybe there should be a train station to spawn at and the train would run along the highway into a train station at town.

i wonder if you missed the part where it says “ill be using this thread to update progress + screenshots, and to get opinions and criticism.”

Yet at the moment, there isn’t much to comment/criticise on.

This is why we have a Pimpage thread anyway, just so people can get criticism on their maps…

Yeah. I’d like to see some pictures of the town as soon as possible (to see what you made similair to our suggestions :v: )

@sphinxa + ironphoenix
more are coming tonight

Fair dues then, but to be fair the current picture looks good :buddy:

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Just the displacements at the side of the road could use some more work

Are you continuing winter jorpakko :smile: ?

no, but the map has your winter models in it. if you want me to, i can put some bits of the winter jorpakko in there in your honor :slight_smile:

Ok, you can take everything you want from winter jorpakko.
Also i can reserve the download for you once you have it.

downloaded. thank you very much oskutin for your materials + your VMF. they will be put to good use in this map, promise :slight_smile:

working on the descent into the valley itself… which happens to be where the buildings are.
only 6-7 more stacks of road to go til I get to the bottom!

Displacements need a little work, but it’s looking great.

Random snowstorms would be interesting in a map like this.

If only I could get precipitation logics. D:

Take the particles from winter jorpakko.

How exactly do I work them? Pm me please :slight_smile:

put the awkward block of road up on a (hopefully non-blocky) ridge. the flatness is where the road will descend from. where i put little displacement blocks to make it fit in.