Part of an upcoming two map pack, rp_ragnarock_bunker places you within the safety of a fortified underground bunker, providing everything a post apocalyptic survivor needs to live his days out.

The map has several inspirations and has come a long way over the last half year. what started as a small project due to my lack of net at home turned into a full blown re-edit of my popular sanctum map here. http://www.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=838029

The original map was for the Necropolis community, I no longer map for them, and I’ve seen a rise in post Apoc related servers.

Map features (c=current/tb=to be added)

Over View

(Currently added areas)

Hospital wing
-Full operating area

-6 patient rooms

Mess hall
-Private dinning area
-Mess line
-Storage room

-Wash room

  • Freezer

Living quarters
-Men/women separate
-Bunks/sleeping bags

-Men/women separate

  • unique style to both (men’s rooms is messy and tagged, women’s is fairly clean)

-Area to lounge and relax

High detail empty rooms
-A trend I’ve seen on all rp servers that allow players to spawn props, most noticeably Term RP, atm we have 4 (soon to be 8) rooms that are high in detail but empty, allowing players to spawn their own props and set up their own custom scenes for whatever they feel fits their RP

Security/decontamination room(+viewing room)
-A 1 way entrance that cleans and scans all life entering and leaving the bunker

cave entrance
-For that FallOut 3 feel

Water filtration room
-A massive underground facility that takes water from local sources and cleans and purifies, allowing survivors within the bunker to drink fresh water without worry

Generator room

  • 4 massive turbines turn and power the facility

  • Electronic control room (An upper sub area that controls the power in the bunker (For story, not in actuality)

Gun Range
-Fully sized gun range allowing for up to 4 survivors to practice their aim and hone their skills.

(To Be Added)

Air filtration room
-A way to desribe how survivors get fresh and non toxic air within a bunker so deep underground

More Detailed empty rooms
-Read above

Possible 3rd floor with some sort of underground train access, could justify connection between other bunkers and ways of moving supplies around.

Since posting 120 screenshots would be over kill I’ve made a rar that you can DL and view all the pictures of a walkthrough in the bunker.


Here are some sweet money shots of good looking areas

Pictures of the stairwell leading from floor 1 to floor 2

Vent view (Once in a great while in mapping, you accidently create something that just looks super fucking amazing, this was one of those moments.)

Now, from what I’ve made, I can asume people can rp…
-hurt/medical with the ward area
-Eating/cooking/washing with the mess area
-Relaxing with the lobby area, dinning area, and living area
-Act technical with genorator room/water/air filtration room
-Practice marksmanship with the gun range
-Bathroom related things with the bathrooms of course
-Create unique and dynamic rooms for their own use with the empty rooms

I want to ask two things from you FP users, opinions about current Ideas and pictures, and Ideas for more rooms and areas to broaden the RP absoluteness of this map, I can’t say all Ideas will be used but I can say those ideas that are worthy will be implemented and credited.

More to come gentlmen…

Wow, that looks really good!

Looks awesome, but ofcourse, its omega! :smiley:
Cant wait to play this.

Sweet money shots, indeed. This is fucking incredible.

Sweet map dude, can’t wait to play it :v:

Looks really good, very detailed and overall well made!

On an unrelated note, 1234th post! :toot:

Looks nice. Did you add nodes?

I’m sorry but the mapname is very misleading.


With that said, the map looks good but some areas look a little empty.

So naming a post-apocalypse map after a supposed apocalypse event is a bad idea? Infallible logic there.

The map looks good by the way. It has some strange quirks though, for example the rather dirty looking tiles by the ER entrance look a bit out of place and there are some lighting/lightmap issues.

It’s better than naming the map with the word “apocalypse” in it…


Anyway I like the look of the bathrooms

Wow, that’s really great.
I like it.

This reminds me a bit of the hatch/bunker thing in Lost.

Looks nice, but the whole clusterfuck of l4d, hl2/ep1/ep2 and fallout 3 props and textures kind of looks really odd.

Like in the third image, you’ve got clean hospital props and tiles, but the door and walls are filthy as hell.

add security cameras + controllable turrets to the control room please :v:

perhaps it should just be named rp_bunker, unless you’re planning to include a surface to this map where Ragnarok has indeed taken place.

im posting from my mobile so bear with me on the shitty punctuation.

while things like the chairs and table so feel out of place (and will probaly be changed) most stuff works well with my vision.

read your own link bud, lol.

there will be 2 maps, a larre open wasteland like gm_atomic, and this bunker.

nodes will be added last, so npcs can muk about

good idea, ill add 3-5 and allow for them to be viewed.

regarding the hospitol/er area, i redid the textyres so they fit a cleaner look, ill get some pics up within a few days

Also, If its a bunker then lets see the vault type door or bunker type door :smug:

Looks good, like to see some of the outside areas you have planned.
Also, try to have more than one entrance from the surface to the bunker

Damn dude, looks sick, grats.