Oh yeah…It’s coming…

With the recent success of rp_ragnarock_bunker, I’ve been hard at work making a wasteland map to bring new twists to the old style of wasteland and rp maps.


Will have pics and possibly a movie up tomorrow but I’ll throw a few facts about to let you guys wet your lips.

The map is about 80% the size and is slightly inverted compared to Atomic, while most of atomic was open(ish) making the skybox open out, mine will be slightly more closed in.

Areas made so far
-Open lake area
-Bridge with underside acess
-Sewage area
-Survivor encampment
-gas station
-Pawn shop (Currently making)

The twist!

We all know about the teleport function, you walk into the brush and BAM your insta-ported to the destination, something Fallout 3 pulls off pretty well, you press E on a door, go through a quick load screen and bam your inside a new area seperate from where you where, so far in the map I’ve made 5 different areas that use a similar tact, trailer models that have no inside but have a door visable on the outside have a teleport block placed on the door, if you walk up and touch the door your teleported into a pre-made room off map that resembels the inside of the target.

Another example, the gas station has behind it a door hatch for a basement, if you touch it our placed inside a room off map that looks like a basement, so this trick offers + and - things.

+Allows models normaly used for show to actually be used
+Better optimized since all areas are off map and enclosed
+Better details and effects within the rooms
+More depth to the map
+Some areas can move you around the map dynamicly so your not exposed to the surface, both in the real map and in the off grid area (Sewers atm have only 2 links, but if you enter one end and exit the other, in the actual map you’ll move to the other exit opposite of the entrance :smiley:

-Doors to these areas can’t be owned, so they all are open 100% of the time unless you block them from the outside.
-Assholes could block the rooms by putting Props in the way of the teleport points (This is only a real forseen problem if the admins can’t do their job)

Areas made like this
-Boat in the lake (There are 2, the other one will be made soon)
-2 entry points for a sewer that is connected
-Basement for the gas station
-Green trailer being pulled by a truck
-Small silver trailer

The map will have a 50/50 mix of areas that are out in the real world (like the gas station and pawn shop) and areas that are teleport linked (Like the sewers and trailers.)

The map features rad spots like in Stalker, get to close and you’ll get hurt.

Picks will come up in about 24 hours.

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Dude no pics/no clicks :sigh:

Read the OP.

Your steam page links to an error, you wouldn’t happen to be known as “Darky”, would you?

Can’t wait to see the map. Bunker was great.

how does it take 24 hours to get pics, but not to make a thread

it boggles my mind

Because he’s a dirty little tease that’s how.

Cuase I lack interwebs at my house and my phone can’t upload Pics -_- Also since I was banned I couldn’t get to the pc yesterday to do this, thanks teller :|.


Bright ass sun

So you walk along and find a manhole…

Take a step on it

How sewer action

Off the map

Head to the other side and your out the other end, on the map itself :smiley:

Holy dick fuck a boat!

Lets head in through the hatch

OMFG I’m inside

Off map

There is your content >:P

Yes I know the fog is uber think atm and nothing looks to detailed but this is like pre-alpha stuff to :3

The boat is upright? :raise:

Try tilting it more.

So far from the pictures, it’s pretty blocky, and there are stretched textures.

As I said, pre-alpha stuff…

As you’ll see in the coming pics, it was only upright so I could place the teleports properly.


opposite side

Front door

Inside angle 1

Inside angle 2

Entrance to employee lounge

Employee lounge

Parking lot

Dead worker

Car wreck

Poor helicopter guy in a car in the desert :frowning:

General location

See firegod, this is what it will look like (2 boats woot)

More hot boat action

the truck outside of the pawn shop along with the signs inside the pawn shop look way too clean. in fact the signs look like they were made in MS paint. try dirtying them up or wearing them down a bit in photoshop

he probably doesn’t own photoshop.

But we can still direct him to Gimp, which is similair.

I do own PS

Looks far too clean. Add some more rubble, trash, etc. Also, can you link me to where you got those L4D models? All the packs I find are linked to dead links.

I pulled directly form my own l4d(2) gfc files, The map is still pre-alpha etc etc

You sent me a tutorial on how to rip them, but I’m still having trouble getting the L4D models.

Does that file extractor thingy (I can’t remeber it’s name, but it was that one in the thread you sent me) work for windows 7? Because I can’t get it to work, I can only start it up.

sorry for an almost 2 month bump

Due to a lack of interest this map has just been sitting in my HD for the last month and a half, I’m gonna compile and upload it tonight with the VMF so the alpha will be released and a vmf in case some mapper want’s to learn or continue it.