Hello everyone i’m going to make my first map:


A city where the artist would not fear the censor. Where the scientist would not be bound by petty morality. Where the great would not be constrained by the small. And with the sweat of your brow, Rapture can become your city as well.
-Andrew Ryan

So i choose to make for roleplaying on Gmod!
Developed by Mr.Combine,models by Chilean Wolf

Little Landscape


Kashmir Rastaurant


Farmer’s Market


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Where is the content? Telling us you are going to make a map is pretty useless.

I just can’t wait for this!

The fuck does that have to do with anything

I know right? His first map!

Now to wait for content.

Wow…this map will be amazing. The screenshots look wonderful, although possibly a bit too much white used.

How did you get the water to refract so perfectly? I feel like I’m REALLY underwater!

Next step is the plasmids, gene tonics, ect.

Bioshock has been attempted many times, all of which have either failed or got far and stopped. I can’t say you’re not a skilled enough mapper because I haven’t seen any of your work before, but you don’t seem to grasp the scale of what you’re attempting.

I had no idea.

Third attempt.
Hope it works.

Well just look at gm_sealab, that has an underwater feeling to it, but to make an entire city would require shaping the water, carves and shaping the water and all that, its just a nightmare.

well, I asked Brerben, he advised me to use his textures for water,but it doesn’t work,in testing i see only black and violet texture


it would can be a new gamemode for the map,like Roleplay,but with Plasmids and Genetic Modifications,it looks good


I’m sorry,i made some test without models,so i prefer you know it like Bioshock,and tests are saved in another computer who is now crashed

I wish you luck on this project, and as said before, you should not make a thread before you have content.
Anyways, I am making a Rapture inspired map (only in a cave). It is hard as fuck to texture it. Here are some pictures from my blog:

Well good luck with that. I’ll just politely leave the thread and let everyone else flame you for NOT HAVING CONTENT and TRYING TO RELEASE YOUR FIRST MAP and SETTING YOUR GOALS WAY TOO HIGH. So yeah, have fun mapping!

So, you’re working on this map since june and still have no pictures to show? o_O

Heh, this thread somehow reminds me of that shitty Avatar Pandora map from a few months ago. I mean the potential outcome…

Good luck on this. You will need it.

Buahaha this will fail. I remember the old thread where Foda attempted to make Rapture RP map, he had some stuff already going (Models, Coding, Mapping) but then he just dropped it and let it die.


And this was almost 2 years ago.


Note to you OP, If you want to make something ambitious, you must have some concept art done and content, making an empty thread with a promise to deliver something great, everyone here will expect you to fail, this will not help you at all.


-awh fuck snip-