Rp_Rashkinsk [WIP]

**Hello everybody, i want to represent my first and new map called “rp_rashkinsk”. Rashkinsk = Russian’sk. Its a russian themed map for darkrp and other roleplay servers.
My map consist of 3 sectors:


Little house
Office building
Repair garage
Square with Lenin
Train station aka Spawn


Appartment buildings with enterable blocks
Industrial hangars
Tram tunnel
Garage zone’s


Appartment buildings with enterable blocks
Tram depot
Police department
Little lake

About ~30 appartments on this map.
Enough territory for vehicles.
You can go to any of sectors by using cars or tram line. Map fully compatible for metrostroi trams or sligwolf trams.
Im sorry for my english, because as you understand :smiley: my language is russian.

Map made by me aka RevengeRU or Frotthart or Alexander Victorovich.
Some textures and prefabs by MAN, Walterje and authors from workshop and fpsbanana.
Big thanks to guys who believe in me! For Norman Lynx, d_k13, kn1ke, Syrus, Sedan_mafia174rus.

This map is not ready yet, only i need is to make 3d skybox, but its not a problem to play on it right now.
Map trailer:
Screenshots :**

Workshop link:
Additional content packs for map can be found in my workshop profile, btw its linked addons, so all content must be downloaded.
Map needs CS:S!
Thanks for watching!


Ooh this is rather refreshing. Looks exactly like how I image Russian cities, good immersion going on right there. Can’t wait to test it in game.

+1 for the video

Oh that is really nice and original, well done!

I just gave it a quick run and even though I’m not too fond of Eastern Europe, it looked pretty damn good. I wish you made it so you can access the train tracks and the sewer/canal thing, but other than that it was great. I especially liked the market stall part, reminded me a lot of the one from this video.

Alright, finally playtested it myself.


  • Well optimized
  • The textures and atmosphere are amazing
  • More detailed than it looks like
  • Diverse features


  • No light sources
  • The interior detail is practically nonexistent in a lot buildings; the interiors are uninteresting
  • It’s very hard to tell which doors are intended for use
  • Massive file size
  • Confusing design at first

Nevertheless, looks fun to play on. Kinda like a Russian version of Evocity, I suppose.

Hey man, can I critique you on the tracks?

Do you intend for them to be usable for trains used by players? I can help you use way less resources and use models instead.

Use this pack: http://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/?id=391016040 (sorry about that weird Shogun link, I accidentally cut off the last 3 numbers lol)

It has prefabs in hammer so you’ve no excuse. Just look at my maps for example:
http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=496119367 My current flagship map. Every piece of track you see in the pictures are in that workshop file. Nothing was made by myself, which has made this map possible. I honestly couldn’t do tracks to save my life, but Magnum has changed that, and has benefited me massively. I can’t thank him enough honestly.

http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=592817373 A map I made in just a couple of hours (tinkering with different things) but really was able to be made and uploaded in like, an hour or less, depending on how fast you really wanted to go.

Every track can be used as a model, I extremely recommend it.

I know this is completely random, but you will be making your tracks look a lot lot better, improve the look of the environment around it, and be doing everyone a favour.

When you use the model tracks just be wary as they stick a unit above the ground so you may need to make sure they’re on the ground properly so trains don’t go bumping off the tracks. Otherwise, looking good so far!!

On another note as I said in a previous post:

Instantaneously crashes SFM on load, I have every source game manually mounted. Either “add_alloc: no free edicts” error or “Failed to lock Vertex Buffer” error.


“r_hunkalloclightmaps 0” usually works for the “Add_Alloc: no Free edicts” error.

Make a version that is SFM compatible?