RP_Rats (Version 5, Final)

[release][tab]Name:[/tab] RP_Rats

[tab]Version:[/tab] 5

[tab]Description:[/tab] A Roleplay map in Rats size.

[tab]Requirements:[/tab] Episode 1, Episode 2, Portal, Counter-Strike: Source - If you don’t own Counter-Strike: Source and/or Orangebox, you can download the requiered things for maximal fun!

[tab]Download:[/tab] http://erik.gmod.de/Eriks%20Zeug/Maps/Released/RP_Rats.rar

[tab]Alternative Download:[/tab] http://www.team-machinez.com/uploaded/RP_Rats.rar

[tab]Orangebox/CSS addon (who don’t own it):[/tab]http://erik.gmod.de/Eriks%20Zeug/Maps/Released/RP_Rats_CSS-OBox-Addon.rar

Read the Credits!

[li]Main idea: Emys0r[/li][li]Furniture shop: Locou[/li][li]The big bathroom: Pac_187[/li][li]Gunshop: Kunole[/li][li]Café: Kunole[/li][li]Taco Shop: Emys0r[/li][li]Apartements: Kunole/€r!k[/li][li]Outdoor swimming pool: €r!k[/li][li]Custom Models: Kunole/€r!k[/li][li]Doctor shop: €r!k/Kunole[/li][li]Computer shop: Emys0r / €r!k[/li][li]Textures/Details: €r!k/diwako/Grüne Gurken[/li][li]Policedepartment: €r!k[/li][li]Prison: €r!k[/li][li]Dr. Kleiners shop: Kunole/€r!k[/li][li]LUA Food: Pac_187[/li][/ul]

The shops and apartments:
[li]6 apartments[/li][li]Policedepartment + 10 cells[/li][li]Café[/li][li]Taco Shop[/li][li]Gunshop[/li][li]Breens Furniture shop[/li][li]Serhend Electronics[/li][li]Doctors Shop[/li][li]Dr. Kleiners Shop[/li][li]Hallways[/li][li]Outdoor swimming pool[/li][li]Park[/ul][/li]

[li]Ambient sounds[/li][li]Good hearable alarms[/li][li]Toggleable patio of the cafe[/li][li]Toggleable shop entraces[/li][li]Healing food[/li][li]Portal Radio[/li][li]Furniture teleport[/li][li]Food can heal you up to 125hp[/li][li]Music in the Cafe, Taco Shop and Kleiner’s Shop[/li][li]Screaming Stalker[/li][li]Signs[/li][li]Confetti grenade[/li][li]Relax areas[/li][li]Very safe prison[/li][li]Areaportals for good performance[/ul][/li]
Some pictures:

















Have fun!

This is the last version of RP_Rats.

Isn’t that OB/CSS addon illegal?

If some moderator here wants to remove that, he can tell me.

Uh, so is there any changelog so we can compare to the previous versions?
I’m not very familiar with the rp_rats maps.

Can you please re-upload to garrysmod.org. I just finished writing my news post and then you removed it.

Well, it looks real nice and all, but what’s up with the door to the right in the second pic?
In fact, what’s up with the second pic?


Just download the newst version.

V4 got a really annoying bug. Props will get sometimes invisible. V3 includes a stupid admin room and some bugs and V2 was not very bugless. V1 was only released on garrysmod.de and not in Facepunch, because it was very very buggy.


Please use the alternative link ;D GMod.org needs nearly 1 hour!

Do you remember me?Probably not.I suggested you to make a map with all the buildings and whatnot but in HL2-ish theme or just a city theme.Would be cool.

I know ;D

I got a VMF with the first building already. I only have to use the new Rats V5 shops now.

what is the difference/change-log for this map?


That means: Not many things are changed. Some details are added, new textures and some bugfixes.

Just download the V5, it’s the newest.

That CSS / OB addon doesn’t seem legit.


Please read that post :wink:

I really want only the maximal fun for every player on the map. And if you don’t own OBox, EP1 or CSS you can’t play the map without any limits. So I uploaded the “missing” things and everyone is happy!

That doesn’t sound too legal.

That doesn’t make it any less like Warez.

So you took out the flooding map switch? That one my favorite part of the map.

It’s removed since Version 4.

Guys stop posting about the OB/CSS pack, he only uploaded the models required for the people who don’t have it. Let the mods decide if it is ok or not.

Awesome map once again €rik, those invisible props was annoying. As soon as I fix some RP scripts on my server I’ll use this

Thank you ;D

I really like Valve’s games… and if it would be packed in the BSP you could extract it… so every bsp with CSS and other models is illegal too :stuck_out_tongue:

So, please stop that discussion until a moderator tells me to remove the links.

you really should get the latest shutgun by me €rik.

also yay im in da credits.