rp_REbangclaw (v1, v2d_lite, v2d)


Not bad at all for your first few maps. :slight_smile:

Next thing I think you should improve upon is the lighting in your underground areas. Currently your lamps appear to consist of a white light and nothing else. Here are some tips:

  • You should use some lamp prop to make it look like the light is coming from a lamp

  • Making the colour of the light slightly off from white tends to make it look nicer. For instance, you could use 255 251 193 as a colour for a subtle yellow (making the area look warmer), or perhaps 179 226 255 to make it light blue (making the area look colder). Making it subtly green or subtly red can also be a good effect.

  • Your light entities seem to be quite close to the wall, making the wall have a blob of extremely bright lighting in that spot. This is not desirable. You can fix this by using a combination of a light entity along with a light_spot entity. The light entity should be fairly dim (brightness maybe 15-25 or so) and it should be a bit removed from the wall. (~16 units or more) Then the light_spot should be brighter (~400 brightness for indoor/small areas, probably >1000 brightness for outdoors/large) and with relatively high angles. (Outer angle maybe 70 or more)

  • Also, adding an env_sprite on the lamp helps. For lights it’s best to change render mode to “World space glow”

Good luck on your mapping!


Thank you :smile:

I will take note of your comments and suggestions.

P.S New version v2f in process.




I edit light :slight_smile: So okay?

just saying, from the current layout it looks like it would be hell to optimize

New update rp_rebangclaw_v2g

What changed:
All content is sewn into the card.
Banners are now hidden under the water and you can not change them.
Fixed bugs with skybox.
Fixed bug with textures and brash, in some parts of the map
Small change the lighting in the same parts of the underground, and now it is more soft and atmospheric.

rp_rebangclaw_v2g_lite in process

new small edit map for FlameRP server




  • Added bank
  • Added a mini-room for admins
  • Added barn
  • Changed the hangar in the desert and its territory


I small edit map… (don’t publish this update)
I made more realistic

How do you?



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and part 2

You need a curb for your sidewalks, and I would recommend lowering them to 8 units, since they look a bit high.

I’d also change the sidewalk textures, they’re a bit cartoony almost. Either way they don’t really fit. Try one of the stock HL2 concrete floor textures.

I would also recommend changing the grey “brick/stone” material of the castle looking thing with the satellite dish on it.

It looks really low res and is sort of an odd fit for the surrounding buildings. Either make it a concrete structure, or make the stones/cinder blocks a lot more definitive

I’m at the stage of optimization yet
Please write to the average fps on map

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so normal?)

That looks better than before, but still seems a little odd given the surrounding structures.

That area looks like it’s some sort of heavy industrial/warehouse district. You have a lot of corrugated metal and brick, so a plaster apartment building may not be the best fit. Don’t be afraid to mix and match brick/metal/stone for industrial stuff to add more detail. You aren’t limited to using a single texture for a facade.

I found the perfect option, can add more decals/graffity :slight_smile:

Much better. Definitely add some more boarded up windows and make the text a bit more prominent. Try using some static models to help break up the flatness of the building as well. I would also say that you should change the texture of the paving stones for the wall to something more roadlike or concrete like.



Fixed bugs, all css content included, new home, new bank, new lighting how in v3

I will not update .vmf :slight_smile:

i hope optimized for a large amount players

So the workshop link is updated?

map don’t update, i’m at the stage of optimization yet

wait 1-2 days and v2x it will be updated

Nice job on the editing but one thing to suggest is that you don’t edit someone elses work. Try to maybe do your own thing or take out half the map and work with only half of the original project.
I’m a tech savy guy so if you need anything just ask me!