Hello everybody. i have ported a map from a new mod called Distraction [horrible mod btw. buggy and awful i wouldnt recommend trying it] but i thoroughly enjoyed this map. so i thought i’d port it to gmod for roleplay purposes.

it consists of multiple custom textures and models.

-new dl link at top-

Any constructive criticism to how i can improve this map for more roleplaying purposes.

Also everyone has permission to edit and release newer versions ONLY IF

It has a good and reasonable edit to it

you run it by me :smiley:

my steam page is on the garrysmod.org download. aswell as screenshots

That’s actually reasonable, I was expecting some shit off the release page but this is incredibly well made. Good Job.

Thank you very much :stuck_out_tongue:

the next version will be smaller than this one. and will have various fixes. if popular enough

nice rp map im going to try it right now. (:

Looks very nice.


I suspected bull shit, but it actaully looks good. Might want to post some screenshots on the thread

looks awesome

Looks decent, I’ll comment after I play it.

Looks nice and bright, nice brushwork.

nice, really nice

Nice map, looks useful :slight_smile:

I’m guessing this mod is for Source. How would you go about “porting” a Source map?
Copypasting the BSP?

Looks very, very nice.

Nice port

Distraction is good mod, just unfinished. But to the point. Nice map, but it’s laggy because of the overbloom. You stole his map but you don’t like the mod. Hah, just joking.

I think there is warez in the download because I am seeing a lot of vtf and vmf of counter strike models plus I see the models too.

They’re not all in there so its not warez, the only ones that are in there are the ones you need to run the map.

Only a few custom css ones to make the map run


Message to all. some of these files in this folder may not be needed for the map. i took many of the textures and models from the mod and the one map into it so it would work in gmod. if anyone can run through the map and delete all the unneeded textures and models from the folder you download. make a new dl link and i will post it on the forum

I’ll write an article for this if you’d like, Very nice map.

That would be lovely thanks. also do you know the console command to tell you all of the current textures and models in the map. so i can reduce the file from 200mb to about 50 :smiley: and fix the bloom for B2