This map was originally a Zombie Escape map that I made for CS:S a couple years ago, but I spent many months working on it and now there is a rp_ version of it.

Known Errors:

  • No lights in subway tunnel
  • Texture glitch in one of the office buildings – dl this file to fix.
  • Too many vertex format changes in frame error happens in certain areas of the city due to the open-sky nature of the downtown area.

Download link:


The most notable feature of this map IMO is the long-ass highway. I built this map because I wanted an RP map where driving was important. The tunnel going out of the city leads to an old factory inspired by one of Sgt.Sgt.'s older maps. The other way out of town is on a giant loop highway that takes you through a couple small areas with houses and some tunnels and stuff. One of those areas has a subway station. The subway takes you back to the city underneath one of the two walkable office buildings. The south-center of town is dominated by a square that has the government headquarters. It comes with a secured underground parking garage and 6 jail cells. Underneath the city is a sewer system with four entrances: City Hall, an underground bar, the in-town subway station, and a lab type thing attached to the biggest road tunnel.

Other notable buildings:

  • Warehouse
  • Bank
  • BP Gas Station

Everything else was either mentioned already, or is just an apartment, home, or shop of some sort. In all, if I’m counting correctly there are 23 walkable or partially-walkable buildings.

Other notes:
If you played my rp_california or its r version you will notice a few of the buildings are the same, but most of them were actually copied from the original ze version of this map and then put into rp_california, instead of the other way around. If you get déjà vu, that’s why.


  • Dark_Gunner for making the blue house
  • Whoever made the Real World Textures pack
  • Anyone else I forgot… Let me know and I’ll put you here.

This doesn’t look that great.

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Tis nice and all but looks like the generic RP city maps.

It looks good.

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The good thing about these kind of maps is they can be used for comics, especially if the maker wants a city, but doesn’t want to just use City 17 maps.

For what it’s worth, I am working on a revision of this map but it won’t be out for a while.

Players and admins on my server want me to update it with nice houses like this and other things, so I’m going to do that for them, but I don’t know how long it will take me. Propper is broken after the most recent update so that is also going to slow me down, but I’m going to try to get the map to not look as run-down and shitty by using fewer HL2 textures and replacing some of the older buildings in addition to building some new areas.

I don’t know what it is, but the lighting here looks awful. I think it’s too bright, given the light sources.

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As well as the dark spot on the wall

Could use a 3D skybox maybe, and just a bit less saturated environmental lighting.

You’re way out your league here, Natalya. IMO, the Calafornia map is 5x better than this. You have aimed to make a map too big and you have not paid enough attention to detail. Which this map lacks.
Suggest you back track a little. Don’t go for such a huge map.

Uh, why no trains?

Even though I know this map is meant for cs can i run this map on gmod? it keeps crashing.

are you sure your computer just doesn’t suck?

My computer is fine, thanks. I’ve never had this problem before. Does it work for you ?

Works fine in GMod, just whipped out my laptop and tested it.

did you do anything to the title? It just crashes for me and im not sure why

No, it’s fine.

Runs on GMod for me too…

Runs perfectly fine now, Great map.

Umm, there is a subway… Is that what you mean? A train should spawn there automatically and go back and forth between the city and one of the smaller outside areas on the highway.

I like it.

I too crash with this map, I’ll shove the Steam Dump Here and see what we can make of it :S


I assume it’s a Graphics card problem ?

The map just seems blocky with prop spam and decals to cover up the blockiness, it doesn’t really work. The florescent lights in the garage also look pretty bad. Tube lights are directional, not omnidirectional. use a light_spot with an env_sprite for a light halo.