rp_retribution_v2 Error

Hey guys! So I use BSPSource to decompile the rp_retribution_v2.bsp to rp_retribution_v2.vmf

Whenever I do this, I open the CS:S hammer tool and I try and open rp_retribution_v2.vmf.

Everything works fine but it seems to have an error popup that says something along the lines of “there are 3 invalid entities, would you like to continue and remove the invalid entities?”.

Why does it do this? And how can I fix it?

during the decompile bspsrc could not make a 100% convertion so some brushes gave errors " which is typical of decompiling " so you’ll have to fix those errors 1st before it’ll compile correctly

So how would I fix this? Try editing some settings in BSPSource?

Decompiling will always give you errors it depend on how complex the map is to how bad this will be the only thing to do is fix the errors in Hammer or if possible ask the original map making for the .vmf :slight_smile:

I see, thanks a lot mate :slight_smile: I appreciate it!