I figured I would go ahead and create a post for this.


What is it?
A totally emersive world for rp that features many of lifes realilistic features. This city has room for all your roleplay desires. From Dark alley ways to the richest suburban mansions.

Some of the major things you will find in it are:
Extremely advanced subway system.
Parking Garage.
Large Buildings.
Advanced Traffic Light System.
Advanced Road System.






City Sections:
Central City

( Please do not say that I copied SGT. Because yes I did copy his tunnel stratagy. However copying ideas is equivilent to thinking. Its only the ideas. Not the map. So please dont spam “YOU COPYIED SGT JERK LOL NOOB WTF” Its another rp map. Im sure you will enjoy it.)

This map is in its very early stage so I will get some pictures when I have them.

Xexxar - (Lead Mapper)
lil_killa - (Lead Map Effects Artist)
Llamaking - (Mapper)

If you would like to help out making textures or models for the project that would be very apprieciated.

Please comment and post what else you think should be in the map!

Pictures? Or you will probably get banned for “No Content WIP thread.”

what kind of textures? wall textures and shit?


Since your making it a big city, Don’t make it similar to evocity ofc. Add new features that will catch people’s eye and put it on there servers. Add a Police Department building. Make it advanced. It would awesome :smiley:

Oh god! Those pictures are really nice! Oh god I can’t wait to see more!

Yeah. Realilistic Textures for normal day. Not that crappy destroyed hl2 stuff.

EDIT: Also people It will be a lot different from evocity. (Trust me on that)
I am currently making the subway enterance. Just so I can put it around the map where it needs to go. I will get a few pictures of it when its done. K? Stop spamming for pictures.

This. Your level of detail is amazing OP can’t wait to see a video!


Oh shit there already is one…oh wait…

It’s not because we desire pictures. It’s because I think you can get banned for a “No Content” thread. (Content meaning pictures)

I said that on first post :xd:


[quote="hawx, post:2, topic:52375"]

Pictures? Or you will probably get banned for "No Content WIP thread."

Alright alright I will get 2 pictures.

2? They better be in-game screenshots dammit.


Also, when you come here and say about a map you’re expected to post pictures.


You’d be pissed off if you went to an art museum and it had signs saying “Art coming soon”


I like funny ratings as well, for my witty saying an edit up.

I don’t understand how people think they can make a thread about a map they are making, and not post pictures; it escapes me.

Lol. As I said before its in its early stages. 2-3 pictures for now of the map screenshots yes. Hold on and let me get them.

Wait, map as in Hammer editor shots?

Do not want please, ingame :v:

There ingame and I will have them in about 2 seconds.

Its been four minutes.

look at the OP.

Theres one for now. Whats the thing to resize the image. Its like [img height=230 width=350] ?

Some fucking stairs, that’s all you have to show? Woo, what a work in progress thread…

I said before and again, and again. Its in the early stages. I have more pictures to upload. How do I resize them on the forums. If you help me then I can actually put it up?