rp_road: Idea's needed.

Last night I started doing a quick attempt at starting a map and it ended up being a map meant for DarkRP. Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t like DarkRP at all, but I don’t mind them having their fun and this will be good practice. So basically I want to know what you need in a Dark RP map.
It’s going to be a big road with lots of buildings.
So far I’ve done a small hotel with 4 rooms, I might add breakable windows so you can escape.

In this version I fucked up the doors so there is light leaking through and it is yet to have lights, they will be put in, don’t worry.

Keep DarkRP hate out of this thread please, I can understanding you not liking it, but your opinion isn’t contributing to the thread and isn’t going to change my opinions of anything.

Kinda boring ain’t it?

Anyway, A cafe for people to meet would be nice, No gundealer building or whatever because that’s just stupid…

Some underground tunnels with secret passage ways?

Also we have a section for mapping and stuff, You should ask it all there, Also show of your work there.

I was also thinking about putting it there, but I figured you guys know more about RP than me.
Thanks for the ideas.

Kinda should be in mapping forum I think.

New video, I’ve fixed all the errors that you can see in this video now though.

Is that the ENTIRE map?!?

Hey, he did say it’s a WIP. So stop complaining and wait till he finishes before giving bad criticism.

-As mentioned a few posts ago, A Cafe.
-Hotel (if you can’t be bothered making one, I found a free-to-use vmf of a nice one).
-It has to be a townlike map. Meaning the roads have to lead somewhere.
-Perhaps the tunnel could also do with something on the inside.

More ideas may come.