It looks fairly nice but:

  • Your light_environment seems to be broken, I can’t see any shadows on anything.
  • Quite a few of the buildings are pretty blocky.
  • I can see quite a few mis-aligned textures and boring/repeating textures.

The chairs in the diner look like barber shop chairs


Looks nice, could use some work.
For instance, the lighting is a bit weird, and i would recommend a 3d skybox.

looks awesome

This looks like the new downtown to be hounest, i hope when this is realesed that it takes down downtown because i think it has the potential to do that!

Please make this so you only need garry’s mod to play it

Very gmod niney

Disagree, these days most players have OJ Box, and if not, they should. Its a great price, for many great games. Mapping for Hl2 only, limits so many things. Its $30, not a big deal.


Very nice map so far, could have potential to be the new RP map instead of downtown.
Hope you add a 3D skybox at some point, maybe just have more grass fading off into the distance with fog?

it used to be a pipe dream, now its will soon be a reality
make sure you have enough apartment buildings and basements


Nice job.
Keep up the good work.

I’m liking the map so far, some textures eem alittle cartoony, and its a bit on the blocky side, but I’m sure you’ll even it out in the end. Good work so far though.

Fucking Ninja’d ^ Damn!


Good idea, but it doesn’t fit in with the rest of the map.

When this map releases it will be like the 2nd coming of jesus.