Training map for Roleplay servers. Made by Redcow from Reich Roleplay.

The map features multiple training courses designed for Tacoscript, or similar RP scripts.

The “Simulator” room has targets that will pop out when you walk through it.

This map also includes a briefing room, detainment room, obstacle course, and structure breaching practice.

Hope you enjoy.

(Screenshots below are not from final version. Breaching room and detainment were added.)

(Obstacle Course.)

(Briefing Room)



(Waiting room view 1)


(waiting room view 2)


(waiting room view 3)



Needs so much work.
2. Why are props floating?
3. Really blocky.
4. Needs some texture work on some parts.

Use this:

Kinda boring, This has been done before.

The buildings on the last picture arn’t that bad.

Might want to play it first, lol. Reason that barricade is floating is because it’s leaned on the sidewalk, and if it were pushed down anymore you’re just asking for a leak.

You can’t see anything mildly floating in game really and you don’t notice it.

Also to the post above, it hasn’t been done. Play the map.

… Use “prop_physics” ?

So its a colony on mars?

FYI: Putting a static prop partially inside a brush won’t cause a leak, as you obviously don’t know what a leak is.

And it’s horridly blocky.

I’m not going to download this map, it looks way too much blocky in the pictures.