The not-so long awaited sequel to rp_salvation!


(will upload to garrysmod.org when its back…seems to be down for me right now)


A post-apocolyptic roleplaying map, based on the locations and ideas seen in Terminator Salvation, the film.

I havnt made a big fuss about this because…I dont want people to be dissapointed by hype or whatever.

The map was created for Taconbanana.coms Terminator Roleplay server, which will be running it often (should make a break from salvation1 and atomic)…


Fully open-plan post apocolyptic RP map
Nevada - USA highway setting
Custom models, textures, and sound
Multiple locations for objectives, outposts, etc
Skynet compound
TechComm HQ
High Skybox
Dynamic terrain layout designed for combat roleplay
Lots of cover, debris, places to ambush etc
Sniper LUP’s
Buildings with interiors
Swampland areas
Command outposts
Airstrike bunkers
TC training grounds
Strider nodes
(limited) ground NPC nodes (only work on FLAT solid ground areas)
Underground hiding areas
HDR / 3D skybox etc etc
Relatively small file size
Feel like you are indeed Christian Bale, have tantrums, and curse out lighting technicians

this map rules!


Testing it was fun, and it is a good map for roleplaying on, not very laggy either.

This map is pure awesome. You’ve outdone yourself Dave!

Apparantly it crashes when people with Directx8 open console. No idea why. :S

It dosnt run perfectly for some people, but then again, if you want a wide open map with loads of content, what do you expect.


Claps Well done Dave you amaze us again.

The hangars were based off this salvation artwork -

Fantastic map, sir!

Are there any servers hosting it?

I want to try Terminator RP.

Well obviously the Terminator RP server. :3 TacoNBanana.com Terminator RP | War Against the Machines

Wonderful map. Will there be a night version?

Night version. Hmmmm. Anyways, nice map Dave! I’d love to see more. ( hint ) :3

This looks great.

Map is great, once again well done Dave.


Looking good.

Well yet again, an amazing map.

This map is so great, I don’t get the best FPS on it but its easily playable, great work again!

what are the tripod walker thingys

i want mapking back