Good morning fellow bumbatrons

I present to you a new version of my Salvation-2 roleplay maps, which were formerly for TerminatorRP.

Before I go on I would like to politely say I dont give two tiddly tits what anyone has to say about TacoNBanana or any of the servers we host, as I can only assume the amount of derailing a thread like this will receive as soon as the “golden-oldie-I-COMPLAIN-ABOUT-ROLEPLAY” faggots get around to posting.

**Download link on garrysmod.org - http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=127057
Download link on gamefront.com - http://www.gamefront.com/files/21083851/stalkersalvation.zip **

Do NOT PUT IN ADDONS FOLDER. Just drop all the folders in the zip into your garrysmod directory and let them overwrite.

So, Ive redone the whole map with a forest/The Zone feel, plenty of woodland areas with deserted outposts and so forth. I have also made the map run pretty much perfectly (no complaints yet) as opposed to the old laggy ones, and the file size has been magically reduced. I included most of the textures and models required in the Zip so even those without EP1/2 should be able to play this fine without many visual impediments.

This all coincides with the relaunch of TnBs Stalker Roleplay server this week, with an updated script, brand new content pack with loads of previously unseen models, and minus the powergrabbing assholes who ruined it last time :stuck_out_tongue:
www.taconbanana.com for more lovely info.
Server address will be - | TacoNBanana.com S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Roleplay
Just make sure you get the model pack required first.

Map features -

  • Totally open plan, large play area.
  • Woodland areas mixed with swampland, alongside stalker camps and deserted outposts.
  • Central motel
  • Pumping station
  • Factory
  • Multiple camps for Duty / Freedom / Monolith etc
  • Trader bar
  • Hangars and bunkers
  • Woodland dugouts, observation posts and hidey holes

Credits -
Dave Brown - Everythiiiiiiiiiiiing :smiley:

Photos! Awesome.


I for one will have a blast with this map as I’m an avid role player in the garry’s mod community. I will be sure to report anything which includes bugs and or anything else and send you a pm detailing it. I believe this map will be an awesome addition for various STALKER servers out there as with the map states. I do believe you did a fantastic and wonderful job on this.

Very well done map, endorsed.

Map looks great, love it.

Lot of really open areas where you obviously tried to make it more interesting by making the terrain uneven, but it’s still pretty bland looking. Not sure if there’s anything you can do to fix it, though. Flora, maybe? As one of the so-called “power grabbing assholes who ruined it last time” not bad, all in all. Though a map and a script a roleplay server does not make.

Offtopic: the guy in the first picture kind of made me laugh.

Something doesn’t quite feel right about it. It feels much more like a TRP map than an SRP map. Like Lance said, maybe it’s the lack of flora.

Interesting map, I love exploring it, it’s so dense that you really can get lost in it. Will go great for the new RP server.

Also, did you bump the lighting up from the last map version?

Seems a little bland

Dave i have to say, While your maps look nice they consistently infuriate me with their lack of art direction and consistent usage of single-color schemes, Such as dark blue, gritty brown, etc. If you’re going to make something on a restricted pallette, Take a look at comics, paintings etc that use unique art styles. Avoid modern video games, as they stick to dull, brown/grey/blue color schemes, due to technical difficulties.

Here’s two panels from my favourite Graphic Novel, The Killing Joke, Note how despite being monochromatic it uses a remarkably varied color scheme.


This just goes to show that even monochromatic scenes can have varied, beautiful color styles while maintaining a grim theme. Don’t copy GoW or anything like that, Games only make themselves brown because modern consoles can’t handle wide, varied lighting and color variation like PC’s can.

Other than the slightly odd lighting on the truck trailer and the pipe bridge, it’s quite a nice map. There are also a few odd bits of debris, and clippign pipes, but it looks like a nice wasteland map.

Oh hey DrSalvador, trying to comment on how to map when you yourself can’t…wow. Also, your pc can’t handle more than one colour either, does that make it a console?

Nice map, Sky is a bit bright though.

And DrSalvador, Learn to map before giving[sp]bad[/sp]suggestions.

All this coming from somebody who hasn’t released a map of their own.

You cannot criticize anybody when you won’t release maps of your own for people to critiize you about.

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Also, beautiful map.

You’re being retards, All of you. A: I can criticise what i think is wrong. Regardless of my ability. It is my moral right. B: OMG U HAVE BAD GRAPHIX XD! Is just a goddamn retarded excuse.

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When you planning on releasing one of your maps so we can express our thoughts about a map you haven’t just edited.


Non mappers can offer criticism, many do, however none of those people have stormed out of the mapping section because people wanted to see your own mapping, not you ripping off other people’s work.

Also, you have already claimed to have an issue with tnb’s maps, so posting here invalidates your opinions.

I didn’t leave because i couldn’t show any work. I left because i was getting personal attacks over steam because of my involvement in the mapping section. But anyway. You’re derailing the thread.

I always derail threads…but in a fun, lovable way.

When i first released stuff i was told to never map again. I got more abuse than was nessecery. You have only had honest feedback here, yet you leave because of what people said on steam. Oh wow, you bowed in under pressure realy fast.

All new mappers with their “first map” gets rejected fast and painfully but you just have to take it and come back better and stronger and with a map that will make everyone drop their chins.

Im not sure what people specifically mean by “bland”…a lack of places to go? Lack of features / buildings / etc?

I know the terrain is unnnessacarily bumpy in some parts but hey I never claimed it was perfect :stuck_out_tongue: