It can also be downloaded from fpsbanana

The Sanctuary. A place of lost hope. Yet it was these places that people found when they escaped the cities. Places like this to escape what pursued them endlessly.

In the beginning was the world, and for a while it spun lazily around the sun, free from interference. But humanity grew cold and paranoid, and satellites were sent up to spy on other countries. Of course, not all these electronic eyes were harmless. Some contained radioactive dusts and killer viruses.
On the evening of the 24th March, the earth passed through the debris of an asteroid. The light show was magnificent, yet all those who saw the show woke up the next morning completely blind. Then, one by one, these blind people died. After that following week, half the world’s population were dead.
So…the sanctuary.

The map itself is designed as an rp map with a power system that was a pain to install. Other features include:
- Power Station
- Prison area
- Biolab
- Sawmill
- Storage Bunker
- And other stuff

Testers- Agent98, Furbrain


Currently there is only a garrysmod download link, but as soon as filefront returns, I will be uploading to there too.

Very cool, downloading.

Edit: That cave still looks a bit too smooth I think.

It seems decent, but you didn’t fix the cave entrance. It is very round and it looks silly. I think I also spot some sourceless lights in the last picture. The outside area looks nice, but I think it’s a little bit too flat.

Just thought i’d add this note to fps banana, so i’ll add it here too.

The power system is a system whereby most of the different buildings (bar the station) are powered by a single fusion generator. To power the entire base, press the button upstairs in the generator room to start the generator. Then press the three buttons downstairs underneath the main switch room.

Each button runs a different area. These can be individually turned on or off. From left to right:
Storage power- toggles the lights and door
Command power- toggles the cell doors and auto healers
Biolab power- toggles the health spawner.

And the cave is so smooth because it was carved by military engineers. It is slightly bumpy, but military commanders don’t want to be tripping over bumpy rock all the time. </blag>

Ergh… more work should of gone into this to be honest.

It’s very undetailed, the rooms are bare of detail, the lighting is bland and lacks variety, the terrain is simple and unrealistic, the staglamite (Can’t spell) looks incredibly stupid randomly sticking out a massive cave, the interior of that room is so dull that I had to drink 5 cans of redbull just to get my energy back, as it all went trying to focus on this pile of dull brushes. Could note more but I gotta run.

Some suggestions; work on your detail, looking at references for lighting and building styles would be a good start. The environment lighting is quite unrealistic, perhaps if you look at the mood you are trying to adress in the map and work with the light_env to achieve that effect. Don’t use the bland white colour that you are using in the map, it’s horrible. From what I can see most of your textures are very repetetive and need to be split up, try to use textures that are not very similar and this adds far more variety. Use colours that have high contrast beetween eachother for more effect.

Also, don’t give me no RP map needs low detail for FPS bullshit. A map can look good while still having a good FPS.

God…i’ve been waiting for so long to get this kind of feedback. All fair points, and all stuff i can work on. Cheers dude.

Wow, you WANT people to say your maps not that good?

Mhmm, it’s the only way to improve.

If people have a valid criticism i would rather know about it than not. I may not like what is said, but the only way to improve is to get over that and work on what people see as weaknesses.

Obviously i will just ignore blatant unfounded comments, but if there is something specific that someone doesn’t think is quite right with the map, then put it down.

Oh…don’t just write things like “the textures are shit”…it doesn’t help one bit.

I think the top of the cave should be a bit more of an edge, and have a nice grass texture on top.

The buildings look a bit blocky otherwise nice

I think i have learnt my lesson on rp maps. I think I’m going to go back to my slightly odd build maps…although i do have something in development that has it’s own padded cell :smiley:

Don’t give up on them. Take the critisim and learn from it, and make something new. You’ll never get better if you give up after the first try. RP maps are naturally going to be more trying on patience, time and skill than any build map. You’ll just need to put more time into this, more displacements, more props than you would a normal buildmap. It’s worth it in the end, I assure you.

I have something new in the works…just needs a bit of sorting out. I’m not an rper myself, so doing something like this was difficult. Maybe I’ll do another one at some point, but i really need to do some demo stuff first.

iron phoenix, now that this is complete, should we continue with the new rp_blackmesa (that has been promised for years)?

You could’ve just PM’d him without bumping this.

yay the apocalypse began the day before my birthday! :slight_smile: great map

Umm… Why the bump.

Damn. This place needs sage.

Do people routinely go blind before your birthday too.

For those that didn’t get the reference, watch bbc1, 9pm on dec 28th and 29th. All will be made clear…

This is a good map!Stop all of the rude comments and just realize that nobody’s perfect.IronPhoenix this is a good map (=