rp_santamonica wip

So I found this chilling on one of my old flashdrives from a project about 6 months ago and I’ve decided to release, these screenshots aren’t up to date, at the time of screenshot model issues were occurring so expect a nearly fully furnished map.

This may take a while to finish considering how near completion it is , due to I have a life and my finals are 2 weeks away, also because I was near completion when my win32 got corrupted and I had to reformat.

Will add more screens in future



Mercurio apartments






Tattoo Parlor


Foxy Boxes


Other not shown but included

Gimble’s Prosthetics(cleaned up to be less serial killery-e)

Shitty Apartments(where your house in Santa Monica is in the game)

Asylum Nightclub

Bounty Hunter’s office

Gang Hideout

Entire Street Level Area

Extensive Hospital

Pawn Shop

Also features semi-dynamic clouds

Sewers were integrated into it but without the map is at 99% brushes.

The buildings are connected through teleportation and have been known to get people stuck if hey stay in the way of the points.

For those that do not know what this is, this is ported from the pre-source source game Vampires the Masquerade: Bloodlines to the modern source engine.

Special thanks to

Nol(porting assistance, general assistance)

Mervill(general assistance, ideas)

I love the lighting

replaced a few old screenshots with some from a newer build.

Great job! I love the lighting, architecture is fancy, looks interesting to explore, streets are wide enough for driving cars, looking good sized.

Interiors of the buildings are a bit blocky at the moment, and you can see some error textures on the ground outside Pury Boxes and one far down the street, but that’s really it.

And I get that most of that is there because it’s a W.I.P.
I love it.

Awesome work. Now I feel the urge to play Bloodlines again.

What about Hollywood, Downtown and China town as seperate maps?

way too much contrast.

i love the lighting!!

Third screenshot is amazing.

I would love to tackle these maps, but I no longer have any of the textures or models from anything other than Santa Monica. Also just Santa Monica itself took me a ridiculous number of man hours just to make it finally able to like me and compile, also wrestling with broken models from an outdated engine. At one point we had to completely redo the models because they were broken so that their collision boxes were 90 degrees rotated to the right.

also Santamonica is currently at 99% bushes 87% brush sides and 173% entdata, that’s severely cut down from what it was.

Shitty apartments


Extensive hospital


What is the point to this it’s just Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines with missing textures and it’s already in the source engine…?? I mean it doesn’t look any better and tbh it’s pointless if it’s not the entire game with the storyline.

Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines uses a very outdated source engine, what I have done is combined all of the santamonica based maps into a single bsp entity whilst fixing all the problems, also porting over models that are in a completely different format that isn’t even usable with modern day source engine. And finally arranged in a roleplay like fasion. Also massive error fixing (These were the pioneers of the source engine, and as such they weren’t exactly good at using it so it was a messy pile of wtf). And there are no missing textures I stated that those screens are from earlier builds.

the game was made with pre-HL2 source.

I completed over 90% of the fixes months ago, just need to polish it up.

Amazing use of custom textures

Map Overview


Contrast reminds me of Amnesia

The contrast isn’t meant to be so intense, I am working on the HDR.

Aha! I knew it was on an old source engine! I saw the words “AI disabled”!

They said i was insane! That the “Ai disabled” glitch in portal drove me crazy!

This is a really great idea. Are you making this for any particular community or anything? I’d consider putting together a VtM roleplay server, it’s always been an idea I’ve toyed with in my head.

That was the original plan, we even had a script in the works but things fell through and then the college semester began.

Ah, shame. Well, if I do work up the effort to get a VtM community going, I’ll be sure to drop you a line, seems you’d probably be interested.