RP_Sector7 W.I.P.


So, I guess this is just a thread where I’ll keep posting progress of my map in development, and I think it deserves its own thread by now.

So, I’ll give a little back story for this. I started this a year and a half ago from now, and it was just a simple train station with 2 huge rooms, 2 stores, and a hallway. I had to remake that part so many times to fit my needs, and you’ll see how it looks right now if you scroll down below. Unfortunately, I just got lazy and lost motivation due to some reasons I won’t mention here. Early this June, I decided to pick it back up again, and expand on the plaza and to everything else.

So I guess I’ll show some screen shots of the progress so far, starting off with the train station:

Here’s the plaza, which I did most of this in June:

These are some interiors here:

Here’s mainly combine architecture, half of them being inside the actual nexus:

(Right-click > View image to get the full size; I had to quote them all since no one likes huge photos stretching the page)

I’ll also make a brief list here of what is currently done:

– Luxury CCH Apartments (the green/white one)
– Normal CCH Apartments (the red/yellow one with the “Souvenirs” billboard)
– Plaza
– Train station
– Nexus (the one inside the train station is all done, but the actual nexus is done in terms of what’s connecting to the bridge)
– Indoor market area (it has two stores)
– Basic shops (two inside the train station, one in the plaza, two in the indoor market, I will have to add on a lot more of this eventually)
– Bridge (it connects the two halves of the nexus areas between the one in the actual nexus and the one connected to the train station)
– 2 Ration Distribution points (one inside the train station, and the other inside the nexus outer lobby)

That’s pretty much what I have so far, but keep in mind that this is only 50 - 60% done, and I yet to add slums and sewers and the like. If you noticed, I also added in propaganda from HL2 beta, including the ones with the Consul and Lenin.

There is only one minor bug so far, and that’s when you stand on one end of the plaza, and the opposite side has visleafs that start flickering between rendering/not rendering, and that’s normal because I currently have one huge cordon around the whole map, which allows the backsides to emit lots and lots of visleafs, which in return, render all at once, which makes the map bug out. Hopefully, this won’t happen in the final version once I get an actual skybox outlined.

I also wanted to say I’m not planning on naming this map like any other HL2 map with the generic rp_city## format. I’ve actually had this map’s name for a year and I’ll probably keep it like that. Although this is supposedly oriented in City 17, I’m giving you an option to imagine whatever city you want this “Sector 7” to be at.

Just a final note, I keep and upload all my progress on my server, which is usually open most of the times. So in case you wanna drop by or something and comment over there, you should add this to your server favorites:

Any comments/criticism?

I wouldn’t call those apartments luxury :v:

Too bright in most parts, not really feeling the suppresion of combines.

Compared to the other one, meh. I could probably just add quotes around luxury then.

I like the lighting. Some of it’s too glowy, but it’s nice.

This is awesome, I really like the outdoors lighting.

Looking very nice, Highdef, keep working at it :buddy:

I like it, a lot prettier than most RP maps.

I like the detail being put into all of this but I have one suggestion. The second picture down from the top shows that line of garbage littering the floor. Possibly move it or adjust it so it looks more in place and not “tacked” on? Or it just may be me. Otherwise. Good luck :slight_smile:

Whoa, how big is this map?

I wanted Midgar.

Not so big, but the plaza is big compared to the ones of other maps.

Looks really nice!

Looks good. What stands out to me though, is the first nexus screenshot- the CMB decals look out of place on the pipe/cables wall textures. But I’m just being picky.
The map looks fun to play on. Hope to see more from you soon. :wink:

Skybox texture looks odd.

Will this Map work on HL2;DM?

Yes, it can physically work as it’s the same engine.

Also, I might have to ditch this skybox texture and get another one later.

I’ll make you a new one if you need. That one was p shitty with the fog.

Oh thanks brosef. By any chance, can you do an evening setting one

The lighting looks nice. Some stuff looks like it could be more detailed though.