>>> This map is no longer available. Contacting the author will not give you the map either. <<<
>>> This map is no longer available. Contacting the author will not give you the map either. <<<
>>> This map is no longer available. Contacting the author will not give you the map either. <<<


Welcome to Black Mesa Research Facility!
This is a map based of Black Mesa: Source, though we’ve made some tweaks and merges to make it fit my previous server. The map is based of Sector C with some additions.
This map was originally made for my gamemode schema which is released here.

Features of the map:

  • Non-moving tram where you spawn
  • Reception
  • Security Room
  • Quiet Room
  • Computer Lab
  • Cafeteria with offices around
  • Viewing room to outside world
  • Training Room
  • All corridors down to Test Lab
  • 5 labs
  • A working AMS, though tricky to work.
  • Integrated alarm system which can be triggered with Lua script
  • Much more

Installation, configuration and other important notices

  • To install the map, use the Workshop edition and plug and play. If you use Mediafire, make sure to insert it into garrysmod/maps folder.
  • This map is ONLY playable without errors together with Black Mesa: Source content. We don’t have any content pack for you, so you need to fix that part yourself.
  • The AMS is quite tricky to get working. Though I can’t be bothered to make a tutorial. Though it has 2 interactive elements, the Pressure control and Plasma coils which needs to be stabilized.
  • The map is as you see “b3”, which stands for beta3. There are still bugs and stuff that should been fixed, enjoy the included VMF to solve that yourself, though make sure you follow the licensing below.


Workshop: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=318466547
Mediafire: http://www.mediafire.com/download/d1180f9kfc5hjgz/rp_sectorc_bms_b3.zip

VMF: http://www.mediafire.com/download/f11r0wc18vxi60p/rp_sectorc_bms_b3_VMF.zip


Black Mesa Source Team - For almost everything.

Blt950 - Lead mapper
ZipWhip - Assistant Mapper
Minijar - Part Mapper (Skeleton of Cafeteria, Training Room)


All Black Mesa: Source by Crowbar Collective is licensed under CC BY-NC 3.0, meaning we’re permitted to adapt and remix the original work and relicense the adapted work under our own license.

Our work, meaning the end product map rp_sectorc_bms_b3 is licensed under EU/International laws of copyright. You are not permitted to upload, edit or share without written and signed consent of the original author (Blt950). Failure to do so will result in DMCA and legal action. This content is not for sale or giving away, there is no point of contacting the authors to ask.

Well I tested your map and I have to say I am happy a high-quality sector map is finally out. You even added back hallways! I mean the prison was unnecessary, but still.
That being said, I have some complaints: You should not have removed the locker room. What you put in is nice but the locker room should have stayed.
Some decals seem to be missing.
Gmod keeps using hl2 textures and props in some places. Someone needs to make a fix for that, like the tf2 texture fix.

That being said It is pretty damn good.
Seeing as you are leaving gmod, I ask permission to make alterations for personal use.

[del]As said, it’s a beta and there are bugs like missing decals etc.
The work is licensed with CC BY-NC 3.0, this: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc/3.0/
Do what you want with it as long you don’t break the license.[/del]

Edit: The CC license is withdrawn. Our work is licensed under EU/International laws of copyright, meaning you can’t upload, edit or share without written and signed conscent of the original author (Blt950). Failure to do so will result in DMCA and legal action. Keep in mind that the original CC license were never included with the map or in the map itself, causing this license removal to effect ALL copies of the map as normal copyright law applies to it.

Do not worry. I am not one to forget giving credit. Take care in your endeavors.

.nav file is wrong or something (1)

How the…?

Hello, i have provided you with a backup location for your download!
Download Link: https://xyzma.com/m/cnBfcm9ja2ZvcmRfdjFiLnvra/rp_sectorc_bms_b3.zip

Both the Mediafire link and Workshop have been deleted. But the backup posted above also got sort of wrecked it seems. Does anyone have a backup?

(Sorry for necroposting if that’s a thing.)

Is someone who still have the map ?