1. Missed the releases section, which shows you don’t come here often
  2. Don’t release shit like this here.

jesus i told you not to release this shit here

Hey, triferal, i’d get yourself a better mapper for your community. Try anyone here, apart from the op. Hell, even DrSalvador would be better.

“A map that absolutely no thoughts were out into to. Don’t download if you take mapping seriously.”

Sorry. but that doesn’t sound too appetizing.

Not to be judgemental but this map appears to have been created by furries, based on OP’s ava and triFeral’s name and ava. Just saying.

I think it’s more a case of people trying to drag fp’s name back through the mud by associating us with this, than any link between furries and mapping.

Humfry’s a furry
Me, no
Lambda, no
Trilby, definitely not

also I didn’t want him to post this on Facepunch because the map itself is a joke.

It’s okay, no need to be in denial. Hell, I get erotic dreams about Rainbow Dash.

holy shit people talking about serious garbage

This looks nothing like Seinfeld.

No worse garbage than what you posted.

what the fuck does this have to do with seinfeld?

Blocky, bad lights, undetailed, textures not aligned, nothing to do with Seinfeld and the worst trailer ever.

Why do shit maps get all the attention, while good maps tend to fly right over people’s heads?

These shitty maps are making me thirsty