After sitting in a folder for a long time, Settlecity has been finished and is the first RP map to have been released by FH Mappers and we hope to continue releasing them. Luke and i have added everything you need to have a decent RP game. Contents include, a park, several enter able building, a car park, shops, and much more!

RP_Settlecity was brought to you by FHMappers, part of the Fortexhotel Clan

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More Download links avaliable at http://fhmappers.com/map.php?id=22 if Gmod.org isnt for you!

Looks pretty cool, I’ll download!

fuck yeah lifeless

Nice map.

nice… i love it… wouldn’t mind seeing some overhead pictures just to get a look at things
i’ll try it out and give some feedback soon

Quite poor, I would be saying that if it just had 1 mapper.

But for a whole team, WOW. I’m speechless.

amazing! put it on Beta!!

me and lifeless, made it, the map is realy old, we never compiled it, we just found it in a folder today, and decided to compile it.

It’s good i only have 4 complatnes,

1: where i spawned in the park the first thing which caught me eye was a gap in the wall to the right where you could look though and see the skybox, didn’t seem right

2: the tunnels, oh god the tunnels, black walls… that’s not a tunnel it’s a wall, bevel the walls in a good few feet and it would look a bit bitter or have them blocked off or bourded up, just leaving them black left me wondering what was behind it and then i saw it was nothing

3: the train seems a bit redundent with a map this small have it at least circle the map above the ground level like you tryed to do

4: the buildings are just confusing, what is there purpose? one building just linked me from the park to the main street. wtf?

still, this is a very well done map i’ll play on this alot now i have it well done

For FH people: this is going on beta.

Also good map Lifeless :3

Lol it was only 2 of us, and this map is OLD, we left it in a folder and decided to compile it. TBH im not a fan of it myself lol

Another piece of shit delivered from FH headquaters.

Lol this is one of the rubbish maps ive made, and no it didnt come from what u call “FH Headquarters” theres a difference between FHMappers and just FH clan.

Not bad, certainly not one of the worst RP maps I’ve seen, looks like it could be fun. Using Rp_Downtown_v2 as a unit of measurement, about how big would you say this is?

Hmmm, abit bigger in terms of general size, but there isnt anything underground

Its a good map, heres a list of things I thought needs doing:

> Carpark elevator needs sounds.
> The train should be automated and move around the city.
– The one higher up should just go back and fourth with stations at each end and touching the rails kills you.
– The lower one should just go around like one of those bus-trains you get in cities.
> Petrol station needs doors.
> Needs a police station in a separate building.
> Needs a hospitial.
> Needs a gunshop with a gunzone - needs to be big though.
> Needs a few skinnd food outlets e.g. KFC, Subway etc.
> A new seperate area thats like a workzone thats ran by the cp with one main way in and then an underground secret tunnel too.
> Needs a sewer system.
> Make that 4-way junction have outlets, huge TV or something like NY timesquare? Basically make it the best area with e.g. a bowling alley so all the players have a centralised area of the map where they interact.
> More secret places/rooms etc - players love that e.g. walls you walk through and theres e.g. a small room - great for storing weapon caches.
> The oval building needs to be removed - pointless. Replace it with a town hall that looks imperial.

No, just no. Also with the sewer system, go play rp_downtown_v2 if you like sewers or L4D

Needs a lot better texturing and more detail.

I remember this map. I think i have an old half finished vmf somewhere from when i was in the mapping team.

It looked great back then so i suppose it’s even better now.