Purpose of this map:
This map is mostly designed for a HL2RP outlands related map
where there is a reused concentration camp by the Universal Union. You however can
take the map and put it to your usage. This map is themed off of the Half-Life universe
so that’ll explain the thumpers and all.

[li] Combine doors are combine only ( Use a HL2RP script. )[/li][li] Recreational quadrants for your usage.[/li][li] High skybox for scanners, choppers, etc.[/li][li] A Nexus for Union units.[/li][li] A resistance side that is empty for your recreational usage.[/li][li] A public housing area.[/li][li] Fencing for the quadrants.[/li][li] Combine towers with rails that have collision.[/li][li] Toggleable thumpers, activated in the nexus.[/li][li] Dispatch noises for when you toggle thumpers.[/li][li] A small nice environment.[/li][li] And more…[/li][/ul]


Outer gate and walls.

A currently inactive thumper.

The main housing area.

Inside of the nexus.

The camp shown from the resistance tunnel area.


Official Server:
If you’d like to join the official server of the map, the IP is !
Hope to see you there or use the map itself :slight_smile:

[li]Counter-Strike: Source.[/li][li]Possibly Episode 2.[/li][/ul]

Creative criticism is allowed, as it is only my second map.


This actually looks really nice, keep working on it.

Looking good

But it feels like there’s something missing.

It’s empty for the purpose of Passive Roleplay, so then for an example, an administrator could do an event.

There are a few odd things here:

The floating pole for example, and the thumper on the road with no cracking or damage visible under it.

It’s an idea to get someone to test the map for you, someone random. Ask on here if you need a map tester, there are usually people willing to do it. That way, someone who doesn’t really know you can wander around the map and just pull out the things that don’t fit, or don’t look right, such as the trees, ot the way that fence disappears into a wall.

Otherwise, its a good map, and you seem to have some potential there.

Those trees could benefit from having some grass added underneath them along with possibly logs or stumps.

3D Skybox is what’s missing, I think,
Try add something in there like mountains and trees and shit

Also some addition like Colorcorrection and Decals makes difference.

That’s a small housing area.

What the fuck did you do to that road?

Could use some better Cliffs as well. right next to that combine door the cliff just stop and you can see inside it

Detail the cliffs… please!

Those cables look disgusting.

Did you add those cables in gmod?

The cliffs jut off at a point, you are going to want to fix them to make them gradually go up or disappear at an angle.