[h2]Rp_SkyHigh, Map release![/h2]
This is my second map release so far, following the Portal 2 playground. Hope you all enjoy this map.

Map Size: 24.7MB
Download Size: 10,4MB

This map requires EP2 to work properly. Without it you’ll get tons of missing models and textures.
Official release video:

Follwoing are some screenshots of the map:


That’s some good shit right there, son.

Wasn’t this used by the guy who uses Gmod for his Physics or Science class in New York?

very artistic, looks fantastic

Can you make an island version with water in it? :v:

Pretty good map. The idea was very nice. The map could use some work though, got some pretty poor fps in some areas and a few of the props are floating… Over all though it was pretty cool.

That train&station kinda ruined the atmosphere.

Can you release that airship as a single model?
we really need some good looking airships.

Nice, but it’s rather laggy.

And it has a lot floating plants, stones and stuff like that.

whoa, usually don’t like rp maps but this is amazing

I noticed that a lot of the rails, trees, and logs n’ such on the map are props.
Because of this, when I’m in the train station and look out to the map,
it lags immensely.
Is there a way to fix this?

I love it, just one thing a train in the sky?

wtf, this looks like Unigine’s Heaven DX11 benchmark. just saying, but nice.

the map looks fucking amazing but needs optimization theres a lot of props who makes the map to lag in some places when you watch from long distances

Just played the map then, its very cool and detailed, I like it

Just decompile the map and rip out whatever you want. :slight_smile:

How did you even find this thread?

It’s his thread apparently.

We need the VMF cause decompilling generaly fucks up the map. I hvae tried it : decompilled ka_soccer_2008_v6 and rp_evocity_v2d, just to see what happens. The results were awful.
The soccer map: there were many missing brushes, part of the skybox was gone, laggy as hell after compile.
Evocity: Well, The only thing that was stil standing was the UM, everything else was half cut, half missing and most of the skybox was gone… didn’t even try to compile it.