So, after months of creating random shit in Hammer Editor, I decided it’s time to start a project; RP_SmallCorner. The map is based off of a request I found in this request. I, myself, found it interesting. It’s meant to be small, yet roleplay-able, and that’s exactly what I intended to stick with. After weeks of progress, I started to see some results from the all the time that paid off.

(Please note that the following is still yet Work-in-Progress)

Current Features:
[li]An apartment complex including a fire escape[/li][li]A police department station[/li][li]Four stores[/li][li]Two warehouses[/li][li]A trainstation[/li][li]Much more to come[/li][/ul]

Future Features:

(thanks to Otis for the image layout)

[li]Possibly a sewer[/li][li]Underground tunnels and rooms[/li][li]Additions to stores[/li][/ul]


The trainstation:


A street as you exit the trainstation:


An intersection:



The map is currently playable and optimized; which is the good news. You can download it from the link below.


If you need to contact me via Steam Friends, here is my profile page, or add orkal3.

And by the way, I have a dedicated game server for the purpose of testing this map. If you feel the need to play on it, here is the IP: . Unfortunately, the game server is hosted from my own house, and it won’t be online 24/7; only when I am.

Any feedback or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

wow!! that looks really nice

I love smaller RP maps like this. :slight_smile:

Lookd like rp_downtown but slightly more sinister… I like.

YUSS! My dream came true from the Map Pimpage thread.

Looks pretty good but you could have at least one blocked off road rather than having a road that ends abruptly without any possible exit. You almost might want improve lighting a slight bit such as the brick building by the intersection having excessive lights.

Its Actualy Pretty nice, But Here on


How the hell get those grafiti somewhere about 3 or 4 meters high?

Well I’ve seen Graffiti higher up than that before. Its not hard to do it. Not that I would Know << >>…

Yea, its not hard, but in Building like trainstation … it is

Well I just went on the server hosting the map and I have to say it was rather fun. Although a bit mingey with the Kliener war but who cares.

I get that a lot, about the road. It wasn’t exactly meant to be a road for cars and such, but I can add in a blocked off tunnel. And explain more about the lights, I’m interested.

Lighting is really very bland.

Looks good! Ill load it up and have a closer look

Tried it on your test server, and I really liked it. One thing that would be cool would be Daytime addon, but I could understand if that’d be to much trouble.

It’s not set place during the night, surprisingly. For the outside lighting being dull, I’d have to agree with that myself. I’ll see what I can do to fix that.

It’s okay I guess. From my history in RP servers, players generally like Large areas to explore, so I can’t say I’m to impressed. guess it’s a target audience.

I’m planning to add an underground system, so it gives the players to explore, yet promoting player interaction. I’ll also include ways to make the map non-linear, so it hopefully will cause interest and prevent RP problems. The train station will include another exit, because I don’t like the feeling where one section of the map is completely blocked off roleplay-wise.

And just a little update:


I could see this as a major contender with downtown on servers with fewer people. Having taken the time to ACTUALLY JOIN THE SERVER, I can say that it appears better made than most of the shit that shows up on gmod.org
And Im kinda with omega, but at the same time, when you have 7 people on downtown, it feels empty. This map makes rp possible with fewer people because people arent sewer diving all the time hiding printers

looks good, I prefer smaller RP maps. On servers when there isnt many people playing, it would still be lively and fun.

Don’t make your light_env go straight down, I hate that, it makes everything look so bland, give an angle for gods sake >:D!