[tab]Name:[/tab] RP_SmallCorner_v1

[tab]Version:[/tab] 1

[tab]Description:[/tab] A small roleplay map taken place in a part of a city in a small corner street thing, or where ever you’d imagine.

[tab]Requirements:[/tab] Garry’s Mod, Half-Life 2: Episode 2

[tab]Download:[/tab] http://www.garrysmod.org/img/?t=dll&id=93519

[tab]Mirror:[/tab] (in case garrysmod.org takes a dump) http://www.megaupload.com/?d=71V9AVQB


Hi and welcome to this release page! So, in case you haven’t noticed, this is RP_SmallCorner_v1. It was originally based on this request, though I changed the plans around a bit. I’m not sure if people remember this WIP thread and the beta thing I had posted in the general mapping section, but that thing is long gone. Since then, I’ve been receiving criticism, and used those as an advantage to make the map far better than it was. So, I give you this!

[li] A train station and a subway[/li][li] Sewers/underground tunnel[/li][li] Police department[/li][li] Two apartment complexes[/li][li] Four stores[/li][li] Two warehouses[/li][li] Two alleys[/li][li] Non-linear focus[/li][li] Un-physgunnable doors, etc.[/li][li] Optimization (hardly any big frame-rate drop)[/li][li] 3D Skybox[/li][li] and soundscapes![/li][/ul]

In-game Screenshots:


Train station:


Sewers/underground tunnel:


Some interiors:


(thanks to Nergal for taking the screenshots!)

Other information:

This map was completely made by me, Highdef.

I want to give a special thanks to Tehelee for designing two subway pillars with rails around them (looks pretty cool) along with advice, and to Otis, for supplying me with “blueprints” and ideas, etc.

How to install:
[li] Open up the .zip folder. You should see a file [/li] named “rp_smallcorner_v1.bsp”

[li] Open up a new window and navigate to this directory: \steam\steamapps[your username]\garrysmod\garrysmod\maps[/li]
[li] Extract the file to the “maps” folder.[/li]
[li] Launch Garry’s Mod, and you should be ready to go.[/li][/ul]

To uninstall, just remove the “rp_smallcorner_v1.bsp” from your
maps folder.

Oh, and the user God of Rock made a nice edition to the map. A map icon for the Garry’s Mod map menu. Feel free to download below.


Anyways, I have a game server of my own, including FastDL, to test my future and upcoming maps. If you ever feel the need to stop by and visit, here’s the IP and the port:

Any feedback or opinions?


j/k can’t wait to try.

Great map! I love the arquitecture and overall details of the map! and blocky??? This map is not blocky at all in my opinion. Good work Highdef and glad that I could help you with the testing/screenshots

Yeah, really nice map.
I remember seeing the statiom from the map pimpage megathread.

Anytime, mate.

Which one? If you’re talking about the HL2 themed train station in the map pimpage thread v7, it’s a completely different map. Though I might strive to finish that piece one day.

Nice job.

I appreciate it. Though has anyone found any problems? Me and my testers haven’t.

nice, looks really good

no nexus :frowning: was gonna use it.

I love it, it’s really, really epic.

Looks nice.

I’m so proud of my apprentice.


Police department, though it is a bit smaller than you might have expected. My idea was to keep this map looking small, yet big. Do you feel me?

Looks really good, i think if it was a little bit bigger it could be the new rp_downtown :open_mouth:

EDIT: now that ive played it ive got a few more suggestions

  1. The two buildings either side of the “! Attention !” sign could do with back rooms for storage. (also the little shop in the subway)
  2. The alleyways could do with more buildings/small rooms attatched to them.
  3. The alleyway nearest the subway seems a little point less as it has no rooms coming off of it and is rather long :confused:

Otherwise i think the map is excelent and youve done a superb job with the aesthetics of it :smiley:

Sometimes, I don’t see how bigger = better. But if you take a closer look, this map isn’t super tiny. It looks a bit bigger than it is, and plus, I tried to make this non-linear as possible, so no section(s) of the map is blocked out from roleplay. The map was meant to be this size to promote players to interact with each other. Would you agree?

I still think its a bit small but i do really like the way you’ve made it non-linear :slight_smile: it looks well thought out.
Also the stove in the place signed “FOTO” looks like it could get in the way of someone building
1 other thing is that in the small room signed “petrol” the roof of the block in the corner is nodraw, i think that its likely people might want to put in a second floor so you might want to change that to a simple roof texture :wink:

I love the PD btw

EDIT: I hope i dont sound too criticising but i think this map could go far with a few minor adjustments!

Thanks for your comment, but it’s a bit too late to change the map now. Though I’d like to see how this map turns out roleplay-wise.

This is a great map. It has a very good run-down HL feel to it without being just a HL map. I would love to see more like this. The only bit of criticism I would have would be the stretched sign textures and the underground area, while my favorite part of the map, has a few too many rooms and doors that don’t make sense. In the future, if you put more props and unique such in the many underground rooms it may make it look that each room has a purpose in being a maintenance area rather than just being there to extend the map.

Ill take your advice the next time I create a map.

^^ master

You could just release a version (makes the city seem like its expanding) :wink: