looks beauitful. Simple perhaps, to a degree, but delightfully playable. keep it up.

Seems like it’s expanding? Care to explain?

I’m glad you released it, but it’s not continuous enough. I seem to hit a lot of dead ends, and the sewers are to small. You need side rooms, and there should be more than one way into each building. (maybe even second floors for some.

Never actually thought about the stores themselves, but I like your input. And thanks for sticking with me in the production. However, I might think about making a new map. Should it be another real-life roleplay map? Or a Half-Life 2 roleplay map (because I had a train station of that WIP done)? Or any other styled map?

looks pretty good but it’s still rather unoriginal

Unoriginal how? I’m not a mind reader.

i pay no attention to folks who have that stupid lion avatar.


It’s a dog ass

Lol, a lion. Fail.

OP is now one of my favourite mappers, along with Oskutin.

Thanks for your inputs. I’m still deciding what to work on next, though I might start some new zombie apocalyptic map.

Impressive map. I think you’ve achieved the “deceptively small” angle perfectly; it’s detailed exquisitely and I think it’d make a fantastic map on which to roleplay.

If you do that, can you please for the love of god add zombie spawn points to it, so we can do a zombie survival without going online.

It wouldn’t be for the general public. It would be for this roleplaying community. Though not sure if some of you remember this HL2 styled train station in the map pimpage thread, but I might finish that someday and call it rp_sector7, instead of the usual rp_city## trend.

Thank you.

Arn’t you gunna do a Version2? :open_mouth:

That would be a big shame :frowning:

Is the train in the station functional?
If not, I think a nice way to upgrade this already wonderful map, would be to add another station a the other end of town, and have the train travel between them. Perhaps even make a tour around the town, like the one that is show in the beginning of HL2.
Another thing I think would be great to implement, would be to make the sewers bigger, along with adding some more appartments.
Maybe even a park, yes?
Anyway, those are just my ideas, so if you don’t eel like implementing them, I don’t blame you.

I made a map icon for the GMod Map Menu. Getting pics now

Hm, I can’t promise you I’ll work on a second version, but If I do, I’ll take those ideas. They aren’t bad at all. Maybe by making this map bigger, I could call it RP_BigCorner?

Alright, but if you’re going to upload it, don’t include the map file. Make your icon as a seperate addon/non-addon.

Okay, Here is a screenshot:

Nice to have an icon seen on the menu.