I can upload them if you want…

I wouldn’t mind, but if you do, please don’t include the map file in your upload. But once you do upload your icon, I’ll just put your link in my upload, or add it to the OP, or both.

Alright here it is:


Thanks. I’ll add it to OP and upload.

Could u make a texture fix or somthing to this map for ppl who don’t own ep2.
I really like the maps but when i step ex. upstairs PD the floor is wireframe.

You dont own ep2? :open_mouth:

Try finding a texture pack

Really nice map, breathe of fresh air to the releases section lately of the piles of garbage. The only thing that catches my eye is the lighting. I may be a little picky but I feel as if some varies in lighting would be nice. Pretty much all I have seen from the screenshots is yellow or orange. Try some blues, reds, and greens even whites. Other than my picky self, everything looks fantastic and great job on the map.


Go buy Episode 2, he is not going to change a whole map for a single person because they are too lazy to buy a cheap game.

This is a pretty good map.

The only thing off is the lighting. Seems too rich in colour.

Everyone should have bought EP2 by now. I can’t be bothered to pack every single file separately that I’ve used (which I barely remember). Plus, I just can’t increase the file size of this map. I’m trying to keep that low as well.

Yellow or orange on the outside, or sewers/underground, but I’ve added greenish lighting in the interiors. Or unless you mean something different?

No I am just basically saying change up your lighting a bit. From what i get from the screenshots, all the lights are yellow or orange. Maybe try some blues and greens or other colors around too instead of just a few colors.

[sp]OP is working on a version 2 despite popular belief[/sp]

Did you actually download and play the map? Just a bit curious since you’re referring to the screenshots.

NICE! The map reminds me of a few of the really good RP maps that I’ve played (downtown, city 45). The details are really good too, especially the post shown in this image:

Will download now, play it and come back with my review for it (because I’m partly bored).

I just noticed this right now…


Goddamn it.

Oh, wow that sucks

Is this map bad or something? Because on gmod.com people say this map sucks

A couple of kids with the names of ultra dude 20 something doesn’t bother me at all. Yet the few comments isn’t the whole community. Every project has some hates. If I remember correctly, Evocity2v2 had some nasty comments about it as well. If you play the map, I’m positive your opinion might be different than what you’ve expected.

And by the way, I’m working on a second version of this map. Almost like an expansion. Notice that “dead end” that’s near the 2-story apartment complex? I’m making that lead to a second street. Expect an image of a compiled one in 10 minutes or so.

I mean you could build upon it It really gives an expanding and maybe even a sort of story from beginning to end :slight_smile:

Speaking of expansion,


This is the alleyway that will lead to another street for v2.

You hit front page! Go check it out! www.garrysmod.com Good job! And I can’t wait for v2!


The map is up and running on Inventive Roleplay: We hope to see you there!