rp_smalltownlife (Working name)

Thanks Ajacks and Sgt.Sgt for some of the textures, but the models are from “The Ship”, a Source game. Sorry for not crediting you.
This is the map I’ve been making, its about a quarter of the way done, and will be pretty big.
HD VIDEO: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AAUVUs5-IZI
Note: The reason you see missing water (a leak) in the house is because I copied the highway into my map, and didn’t notice it until I started recording video. Sorry about that.
(3) Trailers - Done, not adding more.
(2) Houses - Adding more, and possibly renovating them.
(1) Gas station - adding one more, and renovating the current one as seen in the video.
(1) Gun store - Done, not adding more.
(1) Bank - Done, might change window texture due to people saying “ew OMG! dirty windows in bank”
(1) Bar - Done, and in the video you DO hear a song playing when I press the little red button.
(1) Laundromat - Done, for your dirty covered-in-shit clothes.
(1) KFC - Done maggots in the chicken
WIP Buildings:
Apartment/hotel - http://img5.imageshack.us/img5/5444/newapartments0000.th.jpg
I am making a pool for a hotel: http://img14.imageshack.us/img14/6810/rppool0000.th.jpg
And yes, I know it looks like the evocity pool. Ill change the wall textures and move some stuff around.

Will add:

A “Waffle House”, a cheap, fast good restaurant in my area.
The highway which is at the end of the video will be extended.
I will add another gas station at the end of the highway.
A Grocery store.
And whatever else I feel like adding.

Ask questions, tell me what you think, and whatever else.

The first two building and the KFC look nothing like the rest of your map. I focus on them and outside details around the town

Did you get permission to use those models?

Like every model is ripped from EvoCity!

>Waffle House
>Good food

Also, this is a blatant EvoCity rip.

Thanks for not crediting me and ajacks for our textures that you did not get permission to use. Ungrateful bastard.

Why aren’t you a mod anymore?

Because I am not around much anymore.

Not only did you steal these models and not credit the creator but It looks like you only worked hard on the bar the other places need more work done.

The models are from The Ship…?

Like much people said, they are from evocity.

Who I believe got them from The Ship… Sin whatever, and one other game.

Yeah, they are or at least most of them

He didn’t create the models btw.

I’m sorry, I didn’t watch the videos.

I know SOME of the models are by Sgt. Sgt, and some are from other games. I was thinking about Evo City 2, which a lot of the fancy ones were from there.

Either way, Sgt. Sgt is right.

Another thing. When I click on the screenshot of the pool, why is the tab name “rpevocity2V1p0002.jpg”?


Alright here are things I wanted to elaborate on.

  1. Don’t use the computer chair for bar seats us bar stools makes much more sense.

  2. You went all the way with custom textures for the bar and everything and the bank then all the others dropped the baton with the other things using hl2 for everything.

Its not? The image itself is called “rppool”, the other pictures are from minges I needed banned from another RP server on Sgt.Sgt’s map.

looks pro