Rp_SNGCity [WIP]

I am slowly working on a DarkRP map for a community i play on, it’s my first real map (although i have tried in the past but never got too far because what i made was pretty bad) but so far i’m fairly happy with it. Any suggestions or criticism so far would be helpful. Some of the things aren’t finished yet (mostly some of the lights) so there are a few errors.



More pictures here, although some are from an older version: http://imgur.com/a/FvYWl#0

The name isn’t final. I just needed to call it something until i can decide on a better name.

I assume it’s Dark RP, right?

Yeah, it’s for DarkRp.

All your buildings look like blocks. Add some vertical detail.
Your pavements look too flat, consider rounding off the corners and adding some kind of trim, look at a real pavement.
Lose the metal fence on top of the wall round the fountain, just because down town is popular doesn’t mean you should blatently copy a piece of it.
The road doesn’t look too great, you rarely see such stone roads in that manner. Get a piece of concept art with that type of road and try to make it match the style, there arew a few conflicting styles in your map try to stick to one or 2 concept pieces and work on an area to get your head straight on what you want it to look like.

I’ll say it again since you really should listen to it, add verticle detail, more floors, roof tops, antennas, background buildings.

Finally the lighting, Would you enjoy playing with that lighting for several hours? I wouldn’t.

Don’t be put off from people hating darkrp but do try to do something different from the other 100s of darkrp maps out there.

Alright, i’ve rounded off the pavement corners and changed the road texture.

I’m not really sure what i could do for vertical detail with the buildings i’ve done. Any specific suggestions? I’ll try to add some but i’m not very good at adding detail.

Depends on the area but stuff like:
Extra floor with fake windows (maybe sunken into the building to add extra dimenion)
Flower boxes
window cills,
ventilation box thing (air con)
drain pipes
slanted roofs, multiple slanted roofs on factories

Look for a place with a similar look and try to replicate it and get a pic u want it to be like, it will REALLY help your artistic direction.

Made a few changes, i think it looks a bit better now but it still needs more detail.


The increased geometric detail looks better, well done.
The light is a little desaturated but I’m not sure what to do about that.

consider adding more contrast between the pavement and the road. Here in uk we have white concrete blocks between the pavement and road.
Or have tiles for the pavement. Currently they look too similar and kinda blend into 1 thing. also the edge is too sharp, try different light map resolution or smooth groups to soften thay shadow transition.

I’m not really sure what to do next, its about that point where I begin detailing then give up/get distracted. Deffo add some colour tot he lighting somehow, prehaps blusih ambience and slightly yellow direct light.

Good god man, are you playing on a computer from 1995?

The golden rule (mostly) of taking screenshots of maps is to ** Put everything on high before you take it.**

Other than that, you should really work on the lighting, it looks fullbright. I’d suggest picking a time of day you want, and studying the lighting of that. Perhaps go for something interesting like dawn?

Everything is on high though. I know the lighting isn’t too good but i had it at evening (as you can see in the previous screenshots) but a few people didn’t like that so i changed it. I’ll have to find something better than what it is currently though.

I’d recommend the skybox. It doesn’t fit the lighting much and is bland.

I will deflinetly use this! Do I have permission?

Looks empty

AA isn’t on, thus the jaggedness. Source likes to turn it off though. The image is not fullbright, you can tell by the fact there are these big blobs called “shadows” on the ground and walls.

he’s not saying the map is fullbright, he’s just saying that the lighting is bright and therefore looks fullbright.

What do you mean by that?

Make sure you use HDR as it will make you’re map look much better. I’d also recommend using displacements, for grass, hills and so on. Keep the good job up!