Rp_sola is map what i am currently working on. It will be a small village in middle of
nowhere like Rp_saari.



Awesome- I’d been following your pictures in the map pimpage thread and was hoping to see a thread for this map soon.

When do you think you’ll be finished with it?

This looks sexy! Is this based upon anyway because it reminds me of Austria :slight_smile:

Looking good as always, man

Lookin’ Grand!

Say whatever you want, this does look a lot like rp_saari.
not that saari sucked, you know…

Your maps are inspiring, Oskutin. Great work.

Looks great, but the mountains is too straight. Mountain tops never has a plane surface like that, make it go more up an down and it will look like sex

Nice and thight.

Good job.

Is it just me ostukin, or does that corner above the sink need smoothing?

This map looks very good, but lacking an important part. A 3d skybox! :slight_smile:

3D skybox is usually added at the end.

Looks fantastic. Keep up the good work.

looks great so far

Those mountains will be higher.

Congratulations, I know love and hate you for your amazing work and being able to own me with wooden buildings.

What you mean?

Reminds me of a Rainbow Six 3 map.

When are you adding the 3D skybox?

Gimme :stuck_out_tongue:

another great map by oskutin