The current version of downtown being used on SammyServers. All edits done by me.

As with the previous version I uploaded, this is derived from downtown_fiend_v2c.

Updates include:

-Fixed many minor geometrical errors (misplaced brushes)
-Full lighting revamp. The map is HDR-compatible, and the underground is much, much darker.
-More optimization
-Visible roofs

I’m working on the next version currently. It’ll probably be the last I do. Pending changes include more realistic wallpaper for building interiors, widening of all roads and sidewalks to a uniform width, elimination of building facades, creation of alleyways, opening of middle of map.

Enjoy, and whatnot.


Comments, criticism, suggestions: I’m open to them. I don’t pretend I’m a half-decent or even motivated mapper. I do have a bit of experience editing large amounts of shit and turning them into large amounts of good-looking shit.


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looks, exactly the same

Looks the same if you don’t have HDR enabled, sure.

I would be amazed if you make a map from scratch. Downtown is VERY old, And evocity is just too big

What is it with these endless Downtown remakes…

Angry German Kid: Stop it!!! (Or at least that’s what it sounds like he says in his video_

If you’re QQing about this being a downtown remake, refer to the disclaimer at the bottom of the OP.



No one is forcing you to download this map.









It’s an exercise in subtlety, at least until I finish the next version. Things like the lighting, minor fixes, and trigger_hurts.

But why don’t you make a completely new RP map?

Because I am a lazy, inexperienced mapper.

I also see nothing wrong with downtown. It’s a decent map to begin with, so I’ll just improve it.

But, again, I have no high aspirations here. It’s barely a hobby.

Why map if all you are going to do is add on bits to perfectly good maps. You have no aspirations to map, and you have no imagination, so why add more clutter to the world with your unimaginative additions.

Everyone who maps as a hobby, or as a profession appears to have the same drive, you do not. Go read the mapping coma thread and if you don’t agree with any of those statements, look inside and work out why you cannot create a map of your own.

Maps like downtown don’t need fixing. They don’t need to be improved.

(User was banned for this post ("Unhelpful and threadshitting. Also, elitism." - postal))

It’s not that I cannot make a map of my own. I just don’t care to.

You are wrong about me having no aspirations. I do aspire to make a better map for the server I play on. No creativity? Well, I won’t even touch that one.

What’s the issue here? That you don’t like what I do? Then bugger off. No one is forcing you to download this map, or to pay me any attention at all.

You came here. You posted your “map”. You try to tell us that you have improved it. When people tell you the truth, you go off on one. It is obvious you are not imaginative or creative, or else you would be showing off your own work, not an edit of someone else’s.

“The current version of downtown being used on SammyServers. All edits done by me.”

Never said it was mine. Just that I edited it.

Imagination, creativity, and motivation are not mutually inclusive.

Are you done here?

Pretty much. I just shudder when i think there are people out there who are really that blunt, yet still trying to use a mapping package. Oh well, at least you have created a name for yourself, possibly not a good one, but a name nonetheless.

In all honesty, self-defense aside, it’s likely a lack of skill that’s holding me back.

I really don’t have the creativity to come up with my own map (and expect it to be a fun, or even decent, RP map). Hence, I edit maps in small ways. I am, however, doing a much larger edit on this map right now.

I’m sure it’ll be a better testament to whatever skill I have than this version I threw at everyone. I made this one in January.

And you can’t honestly say that the map isn’t better for what I’ve done to it ;). I know, it’s not much, but it’s something.

It’s not your skill that is holding you back. It is your lack of willing to improve your skill. Go outside and look at the world. Use what you see and what you feel. All the answers are there if you open your eyes.

hipster detected

Downloaded this map today. I like the HDR, it works well, particularly in the sewers. And no more Truman Show-esque feel to the city when you’re on a roof and you can see that half of the other buildings don’t have a roof.