rp_stalker / S.T.A.L.K.E.R map

Winner of the “most original map name 2012” competition.

A new large-scale, open plan S.T.A.L.K.E.R themed map.
Designed for primary use on TacoNBananas SRP server (insert shameless server advertising here).

As per usual, I didnt spend a -huge- amount of time on this map…the terrain displacements leave a lot to be desired in some areas, some of the buildings are re-used from my previous maps etc. But as far as Im concerned, as long as it suits its purpose, that dosnt matter. And thus far it has worked great for us.

My first map to include map-scripted anomalies, which are linked to features in our SRP gamemode.

The files are NOT in addon format, so just drop it all into your /garrysmod folder and let it overwrite if nessacary.
Download link - www.taconbanana.com/files/rp_stalker.rar

Please keep the thread to constructive criticism about the map rather than the typical whining/flaming/trolling of TnB/myself, Ive heard it all before and I dont give a fuck what you think about us.
And before you ask, all the player models seen in the images are made by me. And no you cant get them on garrysmod.org etc.

Fully optimised open plan map. You shouldnt encounter any lag or FPS problems unless your PC is powered by a steam engine.
Day / Night / Dusk rotation, and rain/weather.
Custom soundscapes
Scripted emission / blowout - complete with sounds, PDA warning and all that stuff. Hide inside a secure building to survive :slight_smile:
Stalker camp, featuring Dave Browns Trade barn, a large bar, technician hut, bomb shelter and trader stall.
Ukranian Military checkpoint, with barracks and bomb shelters.
Agroprom-inspired abandoned facility. 2 large buildings connected with an overpass.
Deserted factory complex.
2 seperate deserted villages. Approximately 10 buildings including a church, several houses, and barns / shacks.
The old school, and ruined warehouses.
Water pumping station, with suspended piping to the swamps.
Underground lab. Extensive lab area accessed by 2 basements in the village.
Monolith compound. A millitary bunker built into the cliff wall, which Brain-Scorcher esque pylons above.
Water treatment plant.
NPC Nodes on 90% of the map (sadly the underground lab nodes wont work for some reason)

The Boiler - a large faultline in the earth, that reveals a pool of boiling water, shooting jets of steam and flame.
The Claw - A strange formation of rocks that curl around a path that leads deeper into the zone, through a cliff-face.
Vortex Swamp - This pool of water is contaminated with toxic gasses, and Vortex anomalies which distort the shape of the water into mounds and dips.
Chemical Bath - Found at the water treatment plant and in the underground. Toxic pools of water that give off poisonous gasses.
Iron Forest - Old pylons that now constantly harbour a current of high voltage electricity.
Burnt Fuzz - Strange formations of anomalous material that hang from above.
The Tree of Life (original name #2) - A mysterious rotting tree that radiates Psy waves.
Ash Heap - An old building that seems to be constantly ablaze.

You will need
To install the map correctly
EP1/EP2 (I think)
Maybe CSS for some window frames, I think I included the textures. Cant remember.

**Davebrown - mapping / custom textures / other fancy stuff
Hazard - Some housing prefabs from rp_apocalypse
Valve - That same damn building from NLO that I use in every map I ever make :wink:
Raviool - Models
And whoever else ported the other models that Raviool originally used in Darkdolina.

Obviously I dont mind anyone using the map, apart from HGN. As usual.

**Extra Stuff
**The time of day and blowouts can be toggle / triggered in a small admin room that can be found BENEATH Daves Trade barn, by looking in Noclip. There are 5 buttons.
From left to right, they toggle -
Gradual change to Day
Gradual change to Dusk
Gradual change to Night
Gradual change to Moody/overcast
The 5th button on the far right, triggers the blowout.

TacoNBanana Stalker Roleplay
Our server can be found at
You will of course need to download the model packs to play.
We have a huge selection of custom Stalker models, weapons, and content.
Find out more on the website at www.taconbanana.com




Very nice work.

a)how about some pictures that arent full of filters and taken of only the prettiest spots at the prettiest angles
b)thanks for the credits

umm no?

nope, don’t mention the resources taken from srp_darkdolina. and why the hell are you proud of using a house from HL2 in all of your maps?
also i don’t think you should really be worried about the displacements…


Sorry forgot about the model credits. My bad.
I didnt use filters, its color correction in the map.
All the models are made by me in the sense that I acknowledge the ORIGINAL stuff is from the games obviously.

nice work there

then why you keep saying “ALL THE MODELS MADE BY ME”

You should rather say that you hacked together the models, not made them.

Whatever makes you feel better.

At the end of the day theyre just decoration for the images. I made a note about them simply because some guy always goes “hey where do you get them NPC models”.

It isen’t about what makes me feel better, but rather that credits should be indeed correct.

Ok yes. If you want it written out correctly, all of the models in question are of course sourced from retail game content, before being taken apart and recompiled into various new arrangements. You think id be stupid enough to claim that I actually made it all from scratch? I just assumed that people would understand that much.

Anyway. This thread is about the map, not the models.

Im not exactly even looking for good/bad input, I released it about 3 months ago technically, Im not going to fix or change anything on the map.

If you like it, have fun. If you dont? Dont play it.

Get off your fucking ass and try to do better then him. He does what he wants- and it works.

Oh, so now someone isn’t allowed an opinion unless they are a mapper.

Hey man, remember that film you saw not too long ago? Yeah, you know, the one with the bad ending. The buildup was good and everything but you thought the ending was slightly disappointing.

Oh look at that, you criticized a film. Of course, since you complained about a film, you must be in the film industry. What do you do? Director? Maybe even the writer? What’s that? You’re not in the film industry? Well, how strange! I thought that since you criticize films all the time, you must make films too, otherwise you wouldn’t be entitled to saying your opinions of it.

No. You’re not a director, but you criticize films all the time. We all do. Just because somebody isn’t a mapper doesn’t mean they can’t criticize a map. Pulling the “why dont you do better” card is just a childish way of trying to defend yourself, and it never works.

so you have to be a mapper to say a map is shit looking?

Nice map! :slight_smile:

So I played around with this map. The weather and the dynamic time of day effect was really nice. Overall map is rather well constructed too.

But for the love of all the gods above please include ALL of the maps textures. The missing model sections and textures really kill the feel, and usability of the map.

Fairly fair map. Personally I would’ve added another segment to the map, another town/camp/something.

Like wingwolf said, is there any way we can get the missing textures and models?

It’s a great map otherwise, but the purple-and-black textures really kill the mood.