rp_stalker_new navmesh help

here is the deal. the map rp_stalker_new is a very large map. in fact it is so large i have not found a way to generate the navmesh because it always crashes. i know people have had success with generating the navmesh for maps of this size and i also know i am not the only one who has trouble with this size of map.

any ideas on how i can generate the whole map without crashing every time? it is not as if my PC sucks or anything.

Edit the map and make your self navmesh

this is a map that is so large it takes the auto-generate at least 15 hours… it would take a year for a person to do it by hand…

Render the navmesh in source sdk 2007. Make sure with any building you add a navmesh marker to the upper and lower floors otherwise there won’t be a nav there. I generated one but it’s on my old hard drive. It should take in between 12-24 hours.

I can try generating a nav mesh for you. The trick most of the time is doing it on a clean environment. I use an old server with a decent amount of power where I put a Garry’s Mod install on with as much as I can removed.