RP_Stantsiya - Metro 2033 Themed Map

Hi everyone, I usually go by Highdef and I want to share a map I have been working on for the past month or so with you guys.

Metro 2033 is a pretty popular book and game and if you read or played one or both, then I hope you will enjoy this map as much as I do. In the past, I was in progress of an old map I freely worked on for a GMod roleplay community playing on this sort of theme. Unfortunately, people screwed it over etc etc and I stopped progress. I made a thread a while back when I released my texture ports from the original game along with my own modifications. In that thread, I showed a few pictures of an empty, textured, basic subway station for display. Since then, I decided to make use of my textures and expand upon it. I wanted to expand the new display map I showed rather than the map I had before that because the old map was messy and had an unrealistic design. The small display map gave me a chance to rework things with a purpose.

Enough talk, I will start by going through the screenshots I took.

Here is the layout of the entire map.

I took the advantage of having it almost full-grid-sized. There are many locations that different factions (community-made or player-made) may take advantage of. There are several different stations and outposts that are all connected by tunnels. Each parallel tunnels are connected by interconnections that may have served as generators pre-war. Most interconnections and other areas lead to the vast sewers below.

Here is what I have to show.

South Station:

The south station is where players spawn. It is the southernmost point of the map and the largest of all subway stations. It has a big farm, possibly serving as a huge benefit to the station’s economy, growth, and trade. It has so many different housing (shacks on the rails, shacks above the market, shacks within trains) that personally would make me comfy to live and build in. Most shacks have sliding doors. There are also many market stalls and supplies scattered around. There is a detainment cell and a room for the station’s governor and a small medbay. In between the three is a checkpoint for guards to manage who goes in and out. Above the station is an admin room with a button that sounds the alarm for admin-scripted events. Originally, the center station was to be the main spawn point, but after consideration by people who tested my map, it was decided that this area would be main because it would give players an opportunity to explore further and give them the illusion that the map is bigger than they think it is.

Center Station:

The center station was the first area I have mapped. If you have seen my Metro 2033 textures thread, you might see that the above resembles some of the pictures. It is the exact same area, just reworked and heavily detailed. It’s probably half the size of the south station and as you might have guessed, it is the center of the entire map. It serves a purpose of connecting many of the tunnels. It has four access points. Like the south station, this station has a holding cell and a room for the station governor too. The area also consists of an animal pen, shacks in the second level (with doors) and beside the pen, market stalls in the first level, and many supplies to the sides of the station. Unfortunately, the escalators do not lead to an actual surface; only shows a hint of it for roleplay purposes (and because I hit map limits). In my opinion, whoever holds this station may influence the entire metro.

Red Line Station:

This station is controlled by the Red Line. It is one of the nearest points to the fictional front-line in its war against its Fascist rivals. This station composes of shacks, some market stalls, a medbay on a train, and connects to one of the sewer access points. Not much can be said here other than its residents are subjected to the Communist propaganda displayed everywhere for war effort.

Fascist Outpost:

Similar to its Communist counterpart, the difference is this is a small, comfy outpost for Fascist militants. Some people requested that I do an actual station instead, but after some thought, I decided against it. The only Fascist stations was a triangle somewhere at real-life Tverskaya, and I am not doing three stations. It also wouldn’t make sense for a Fascist and Red Line station to be so close together, but it would make sense if the Fascists kept building and expanding towards the front-line. Nonetheless, it is sealed off by a bulk door and it gives the neo-Nazis opportunities to explore the tunnels around it to keep a guard. Same with the Reds.


I did not take many screenshots of this because I did not think it was worth more than one. It is a single bridge with catwalks underneath, and water underneath that. This area servers as a choke-point between the Red Line and the Fascists. The bridge also has an access point to the sewers, so do not think of it as the only place where the two factions war with each other.

Dual Bridges:

This huge area connects parallel tunnels with each other with enormous supports. It has catwalks underneath, and a ground way below that. I originally made it on an old map and was probably the hardest thing I made then, but I wanted to redo it better, and when you do things twice, it is a cakewalk. I wanted this entire area to serve game-play purposes a giant area to explore or scavenge from. My primary inspiration was the bridge level where Bourbon takes you across in the game. And yes, this also connects to the sewers.

North Outpost:

I wanted this to be a station in the beginning, but then I thought against it because it would most definitely not be used anyways, so why not make it as an outpost instead? Makes more sense to me because it allows for community-made or player-made factions to reside there, and this area still has a stall. That is probably the farthest player-built carts could travel before reaching its barricades, but there is still so much more north.

Point 55 Silo:

I would not have included this in the first place if it weren’t for a suggestion made by somebody who thought the tunnels needed more curved variations. So I made one northern tunnel curve to the left and lead to this fictional Point 55. It was probably for missiles pre-war and it is sealed off with bulk doors. However, this silo is not easy to reach. The tunnel is blocked off by barricades built by tunnel inhabitants post-war (maybe because it is cursed?) I will not spoil you how to get there but you may probably figure out by looking at the map layout at the top of this post.


I did not take screenshots because it was not worth it. The sewers are big, softly lit up in small parts, and connect with many sections of the map. Unfortunately, I could not detail the sewers as much as I would have loved to because I already hit limits by then. It still creeps me out to go in there though.

The tunnels:

Here are some random screenshots of the tunnels to get an idea of what they look like.

A Fascist barricade:

A Red Line barricade:

A random split in the tunnel:

A blocked off tunnel:

Northern Outpost barricade:

Overview of the entire map from the void:

So that is it for the screenshots! I only want to say furthermore that my map uses custom textures and custom soundscape scripts that I ported from the game. I still think that HL2 textures from 2004 are dull and HL2 soundscapes would not fit with the map. The entire map is also noded for NPC’s to navigate through. Last but not least, the map’s name stantsiya means station in Russian and because that is where I was born, I thought it would fit.

Here is a list of people I want to thank:

  • Devcon: porting some models from the game for use in my map.
  • Halokiller38: a lot of money and ideas.
  • Oskutin: pointing out realistic flaws.
  • Phone-Booth: pointing out the small things.
  • Steven: downloading my 15 “final compiles”.
  • Facepunch: feedback.
  • Other people who tested my map.

And of course, thanks to 4A for making such an awesome game (from which I ported textures and sounds from)!

Here are different mirrors to the download. CS:S, Ep1, and Ep2 are required!


Steam Workshop:



For server owners, if you wish to use this map but want your clients to spend less time downloading directly from your box, please download (old link, will replace soon) this .bz2 version I gladly compressed with all my might for you and throw this in your sv_downloadurl’s web server.

To install this, just extract the .bsp and .png file to your /steam/steamapps/username/garrysmod/garrysmod/maps directory. Also, if you are interested in using the content I made the map with, please support me and visit my website (not up anymore)!

Good luck and thanks for downloading!

An awesome map, I had fun exploring every inch of it. The atmosphere is great, and there is shit tons of room for a populated server. This really deserves a mapping king, atleast from me.

Seems interesting, good effort.

Really great job on the map, I look forward to playing this. You’ve got a mapping king from me.

Looks great, honestly I’m looking forward to playing this.

jesus god

I haven’t played Metro 2033, but the map looks cool and has quite a macabre feel to it. One more shiny hammer for you, sir.

Looks fucking amazing.

Great map, really gives the feeling like the game.

yeh. Holy shit this map

Finally unique Rp map.

Good job! Glad my models were useful to you.

Has anyone else had troubles with steam workshop? I’ve been trying to get it to work but it’s just stuck at “Upload Starting…” :confused:

Workshopper doesn’t have a progress bar, or is that not the issue.

I can’t wait to use this on my Metro 2033 Roleplay Gamemode!

I’ve waited like half an hour but I get no results. Perhaps there’s a size limit?

Good job man, you nailed the atmosphere. Every area of the map has character and feels interesting to explore. Can’t wait to see this being used.

Change the lighting on all the orange lights, it’s so boring.

I’d love to open a role play server that uses this map (For the Facepunch community of course.)

No weapons, drugs, bullshit etc.

Fantastic brushwork and atmosphere. It seems the layout of the map is more geared towards players taking sides (Nazis or Communists) and battling one another, but I can see having Nosalis as custom enemy AI attacking players on a server in intervals being a pretty cool dynamic to go along with a map like this.