RP_Stargate Gate Spawner?!?!?

My RP_Stargate Map doesnt spawn any stargate, can anyone help me out with this?

Poor you.

On topic.

Can you give a bit more infomation?

Stargates are SENT’s. They will only spawn if you have placed the SENT in your map, and you have the SENT installed.

You need the correct gatespawners (mapname.ini) in your gatespawner folders for them to spawn. You can create them yourself by placing the gates, running a command called create_stargate_gatespawner_file or something like that. A .txt file will be created in one of your Stargate folders in your username/garrysmod/garrysmod/addons folder. Change the extension from a .txt to a .ini and place them in the gatespawner, also located in the same group of folders.

Close, but not quite. The command is stargate_creategatespawner_file and the .txt file will be in your garrysmod/data folder. Save it as .ini and put it in your stargate gatespawner folder which is in addons.

how do you run the “stargate_creategatespawner_file” thing?

Presumably through the console.

I always thought it was through the washing machine… I always launder my gates…

Anyways, make sure you’re using the correct commands depending on what mod you’ve got, CAP or aVoN.