rp_stargate_sg1 Stargate SG-1 Map (WIP)

Hey people, ive decided to make an SG1 based map (maybe for rp depending on how it turns out)

I plan to make a mothership with a few corridors, a cargo ship (scout ship - if you want to get technical) and maybe a planet surface.

I’ll say now this is a WIP

Wade - Goa’uld textures
fdinasty - Hyperdrive texture



Looks nice… I definitely recognized it after not seeing the show for years.

That looks awesome
just the cockpit needs a bit more work

I sure hope you don’t abandon that. (what she said?)

EDIT: By the way, that is support, not discouragement, wanted to clear that up. See a lot of good starts fail, and I don’t want this to.

I don’t want to pick at you, I just want to help

don’t worry guys, i don’t plan to abandon this project

This looks great yorkus! Are those models made by yourself? They look like it!

Is this map going to be a part of a new stargate rp map?

That is looking awesome! I absolutely love the detail you put in on those pillars/supports, beautiful.


Although you should however give credit to Wade, the original author of those textures :wink:

From specifically this little beautiful map right here: http://jediknight3.filefront.com/file/SG4REALJA;20558

ahh i will, my friend found the wall ones and didnt know who made them. thanks for clearing that up :slight_smile:

Yummy, looks beautiful.

if you want any beta testers (i know you won’t but still) then ill help :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

very cool :>

will the engine pannels open like in the show?

i like to be an tester

Who said there would be beta testing?

Oh, that’s right: Nobody did.

i know but if it beta

i would like to test it

Who said it was a beta?

i was the one that said it i said
if you want any beta testers (i know you won’t but still)
as in i no he won’t want/need any but if he for some reason does then im here to help

well it’s pretty obvious your services will not be required

so kindly

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