This is an updated version of my old map Rp_Stargateworlds_v3. The main new feature being an improved forest world with an Ancient outpost/superweapon. The map also has other tweaks :smiley:




Thanks go to Prefan for hosting the map and media.

Unfortunatly issues have prevented me creating a gatespawner file at this time. So one will be uploaded when I have access to the stargate packs build gatespawner feature. You may experience crashes whilst noclipping in the “Void” between the worlds. This issue will however not persist when the gatespawner is in use as noclipping will no longer be required.

utterly beautiful pics, cant download it now but later im gonna play this on my server…if you dont mind. I’v missed the stargate worlds maps. just tell me that chair is useable!! oh, this reminds me, what happened to your atlantis map?

Amazing! You must continue to make maps, this is amazing work with great attention to detail. I hope you make more maps like this.

For WW?

the power up when your in the ancient room theres music could you change it to an actual power up

also when you walk down the halls you could implement the base sensing the gene with the sounds of the hall way light powering up when you walk by and off when you walk away…

also the chair you could make it functional fire drones . maybe a door lock on the outside but it will only lock for a min or so so not to hog the chair… also a holo monitor system or maybe cameras that work off the consoles. things like that… what about some asguard facilities with sounds and things like that…

just some suggestions

slight problem, with the except of the base in the forest place, everything in the forest in pink and black. the rest of the map is fine, and the older version of this had all the textures it needed.

any idea what textures I will need to get for the forest to work?

Totally awesome! A little bit dark from the screenshots though…

That would be my fault, colors are all weird.

Gorgeous T_T

Great map. This is probably my favorite version of rp_stargate! I’m really happy with the planet choices. I didn’t like some of the less functional worlds that were there just because they were in the show at one point, like the ancient meeting place, or the Ancient repository.

This map is definitely on it’s way to becoming the best.

It is a bit dark in the ancient base though. I just wish that they made some better lighting choices.

Also, does the ZPM do anything?

Probebly not…

Either that or it was placed in-game.

I came.

Really awesome.

oh… i like it xD

there are dark rooms in ancient rooms… if someone is entering the room, the light switch on? like ancient devices/rooms?

Well, you can move it up and down, and it goes on and off. So I thought that it might do something, especially since it’s so far away form the base.

thats nasty we dont need to know your bodily functions

The forest world is pretty much a preview of ww_atlantis (Or whatever it will be called)

justg great… You should make more Stargate Maps, Flyboi… I love your Stargateworld Maps :slight_smile:

edit: i think i found a bug or so:

And… Is my gamma settings, or is it a bit dark at all? … Anyway its a very great map…Try made my own Gatespawnerfile, but i can’t find the alpha site anymore…

What is the new world that has the “stasis” pod or whatever? I reckon it is totally awesome!

Oh right, I made that a while ago when I was in a creative mood :smiley: it’s nothing to do with any Stargate episodes though :S

I’m sorry the Alpha site has been removed to try and improve the RP, and the error you are experiencing I have no idea to fix :frowning: