Rp_StargateWorlds_V4 (SG-1)

StargateWorlds V4 Brought to you by Sokar in co-operation with Flyboi and Votekick.

This map will hopefully include 7 Worlds. I have already had a problem with MAX_BRUSH_SIDES among other dumb engine errors, as the Source Engine was not made for this type of map. Source was not designed for Multiple Worlds, and this is not a Spacebuild map either, so unfortunately there will be a few things about this map you will have to put up with.

The reason i say Hopefully 7 worlds, as it only took 6 before i got the MAX error, most of the brush work in this map, is more detailed than that of V3, making the worlds number be brought down. To overcome this, Func_Details and Displacements are being used where possible, also Models are being used in areas aswell.

What To Expect from V4
Expect a balanced ammount of worlds, with plenty of detail and areas to explore, Although there are less worlds than V3, the Detail is more enhanced aswell as some size aspects. V4 will be used as a base for the StargateRP Gamemode.

Source was simply not designed for this kind of work. So, i can not implement 3D Skyboxes, I can not implement different Skybox Textures for each world, I can not make some Night, and others Day, it has been decided, that this will be set in Night time. I can not put to much detail in from this point, as i am getting the same problems as Flyboi did with V3.

Some of you may notice there are now changes from the original plan. The original plan was to create 9 worlds, from the Season 1-3 Era. This has now changed, as it would be pointless creating seperate maps for StargateRP (SG-1) Game mode. Instead, there will be one overall Stargate SG-1 map, and one overall Stargate Atlantis map and one overall Stargate Universe map. I am however considering creating a map, in the future that will not be coded, that will include places mainly from the Ori arc. They will include the Daedalus interior, Dakara, Ori Ship interior, SGC, Ori Village and a part of Atlantis.

Spawn World Tollana - This has been chosen as the spawn world, as the Tollan people are mainly Nuetral, and no weapons of any design apart from tollan operate here. This world will not be so large, and at this point there are no interior areas.

Tau’ri Spawn Stargate Command - Once you choose your character, if it is part of the SGC you will spawn in the Briefing Room. If your character dies you will spawn in the Infirmary.

Goa’uld Spawn World Tartarus - This is Anubis base, Tartarus, first seen in Season 7. This will be the Goa’uld spawn point.

Tokra Spawn Varesh - If you choose to be a Tokra, you will spawn here.

Sodan Warrior Spawn Sodan Homeworld - As seen in Season 9’s Babylon, if you select a Sodan Character, you will spawn here

Free Jaffa World Chulak - If you decide to be a Free Jaffa, you will spawn here

Heliopolis - A world that can be explored. This will not play any specific role, it is a world that no one will actually spawn on.


So far 5 worlds are more or less complete, These are the screenshots.

Spawn World




Tokra World

** A hatak i made :)**


Q: Can i be a beta tester
A: No you can’t, End of Discussion

Q: Why is the SGC and Tokra World the same as V3
A: Because, i had to remove extra parts of the SGC to avoid the MAX errors, and i am well overdue for producing this map

Q: This map is not entirely yours, yet you claim the credits and ratings
A: Ratings are over rated, i don’t care about ratings. As for “Claiming the Credit” i have posted the participation of Flyboi and Votekick, and both of them are fine with the content i am using for this map, and ultimately it is being made for a Gamemode, which me and flyboi are currently in, and Votekick is making the models on request for this map.

Q: I wanted more worlds
A: That is not exactly a question, more a request, but you are not going to get more than 7 worlds, you don’t like it, don’t play it.

Q: Release Date?
A: Around the 29th of August

The Team
Sokar [Lead Mapper and Co-Ordinator (learning LUA also)]
Flyboi [Co-Mapper and Co-Coder]
Votekick [Moddeler]
Prefanatic [Lead - Coder]

Honourable Mentions
aVoN Coding the gates, helping me out with LUA here an there, and taking up some requests regarding LUA Code for the map
MGM and the Producers of Stargate SG-1 for Inspiring me to create this map from watching their amazing show, and for creating the show in the first place
Prefanatic for taking the time to Code the Game Mode
KP3 for making Dipsplacement Terrain for Chulak

A list of exactly what Contributions every team member made will be posted in the Release of this map.

Sounds like a plan, can’t wait to see this map when it comes out, keep up the good work!

Looks great!

dang, that will take a while you got me exited now i can’t wait…

Sigthor, as an asgard you will love this small update.

Asgard Homeworld has been started… :slight_smile:

Needs re-texturing and obviously alot more doing to it such as lighting and more brush work but it’s getting there.

Wow, Just wow. :geno:


looks very nice :slight_smile:

I just have this to say for a suggestion…

  1. Large spaces (like on a single planet) are GOOD.

  2. “Planets” are better when there is actually a point to them (Like a reason that you would actually travel to them, gate to a single random room not so good).

Looking forward to the new version. :slight_smile:

Indeed, I liked Stargateworlds V2 because the planets were fairly spacious, however in V3 the only dencently sized planets were the Tok’ra base and the Goa’uld homeworld. Other planets like the abandoned Asgard ship which was basically just a corridor with an engineroom and didn’t really provide much space or variety to work with, I prefer having lots of planets to move around on (like V3) rather than having a few large planets so I can see why squeezing in as many as possible while limited size may seem like a good thing.

I think the general stargate community wants lots of planets that can be useful like the Forest World, the Goa’uld Homeworld and the SGC to name a few (similer sizes to V2) whilst avoiding unusable spaces that provide little in gameplay (the unknown lab, the ship).

Anywho I’ve enjoyed all three versions so far and I’m looking forward to the fourth.

I don’t get why you people like my forest world so much. :smiley: I honestly couldn’t get an ounce of role play out of it, which has a lot to do with random people who come on and “role play” or in other words shoot people when they do anything. But I digress, Flyboi’s whipped up some far superior worlds to mine.

Hey can somebody give my a valid link to the stargate pack. I don’t have it and there is so many ones to download. I just want the official pack.

Chulak world has a reason to travel to it. Loads of space, lot of important buildings and a prison is there. Cimerria has a reason to travel to it, Thor’s Hammer and the Hall of Might, aswell as the Caves. Torment of Tantalus map has a hidden reason why you want to travel there, your just going to have to work it out when it is released. SGC is the SGC… It will have Computers added and other stuff as people complained the control room was bare last time. The land of Light will make good roleplay, a large forest world, One side dark and the other side light, with appropriate caves and buildings. Asgard homeworld is just there really, there is not much i can do with it. I will however try to add some cool thinks to it, reasons why you would go there, such as advanced weaponry and shields. Ancient Repository, is the only way you can find the Asgard Homeworld. It will be hopefully scripted (The Head Grabbing thing) and in the head grabber, you will see the GateAdress to Asgard Home. Klorel’s Hatak was a major piece for Season 1, and it will not be a small ship either, It will have the Stargate room, the Peltak, the Glider Bays, many corridors the Sarcophagus room and some more cool things. Abydos will have markets and shops, and camps. The Village you see in Stargate the Movie will be included. So all in all, everything i am creating has a point to it, even the smallest area.

Looks like a great start, can’t wait to see more :keke:

How’s this?


Starting to look great

Need more rock texture.
Looks to much like concrete, doesn’t fit. Make it a bit move varied, but the hammer looks awesome.

Also, you know the text file i sent you sokar, that would help giving planets a good reason to travel to them.

Doesn’t it looked more concrete than rock?

Chulak Prison started :slight_smile: :ninja:

Oh my God! :open_mouth:

Mapping King!

Small update from the Prisons of Chulak